Underworld - Greek Mystology

The Underworld 

Styx - Nymph, daughter of Oceanus, punish by Zeus for siding with the Titans during the Titanomachy 

the River Styx - this is the river separating the world of the living from the world of the dead. It provides the main transportation of into Tartarus for the newly deceased. 

The Styx is one of the five rivers that converge upon the marshy center of the underworld. Styx can give invulnerability to anyone who bathes there. Achilles was bathed in this area. He was held by his heel, where later Paris of Troy shot him during the Trojan War. 


The deepest depths of Hades realm. Tartarus is the dungeon of Hades realm. Tartarus is the nothingness of death. 

Tartarus was defied and he is the middle child of his brother Chaos and his younger sister Gaia. His realm remained in tact through the Titanomachy. 

This is the place we humans call hell. The place where unsavory wretched souls go to after life. 

Elysium & Asphodel Fields 

Those people who lived good lives and didn’t anger the gods were sent to live in Asphodel Fields. This area was flowery and peaceful. 

For those who were touched by the divines were sent to Elysium Fields. 

Elysium was split from the underworld by the river Lethe. 

There is always light and the climate is perfect in Elysium. It is the perfect ideal afterlife. Many demi gods live here. 

The River Lethe is one of the five rivers pf the underworld. Lethe borders the underworld and Elysium. Lethe is the river of forgetfulness. This is where the soul go to before they reincarnate, so they can forget the past to move into a clear future. The river traced it’s path around the interior of the underworld, looping to the cave of Hypnos, where wayward souls were drawn to sleep for eternity. Lethe has a sister named Mnemosyne, who provided those who ran omniscience and infallible memory. 

The Rivers Cocytus & Phlegethon 

Cocytus - the river of wailing or river of lamentation flowed one way around Hades. 

River Phlegethon - river of fire flowed the other way around the underworld. 

Both of these rivers help keep souls in the underworld and also keep most of them out. 

Cocytus had varying depths as to keep the traitorous souls, depending on their treason, were kept in the river to wail for the rest of eternity. 

Phlegethon was turned into a burning river because of siding with the Titans. It is the only river to flow into Tartarus. Phlegethon was Styx lover. When turned into the river, Phlegethon burned his lover Styx physical body. Hades having compassion for the Titans allowed the rivers to combine as they flowed around the underworld. 

There are two plants associated with the underworld - Mint and Jonquil. 

After Hades courted and married Persephone, he met Minthe a nymph who lived near the river Cocytus. He decided to pursue Minthe. When Persephone found out she turned the nymph into the mint plan and scattered it all over the under and outer world. So all would be repulsed by her. 

Jonquil grows along the river Styx through out the Asphodel Field. It is the vain, young man Narcissus who was transformed into a Jonquil. 

The jonquil is fragrant, and poisonous. As persephone was dragged down to Hades she grabbed a bunch of those flowers and lost them as she was brought to Hades domain. 

Cerberus is the offspring of Echidna and Typhon - Titans.

Cerberus is described in so many ways, I will describe him as my imagination has placed him. He is a huge black dog. Bigger than a man, with three heads. He has a fondness for balls ( all dogs do) and oatmeal cookies. He is Hades best friend and protector. He makes sure to guard the underworld diligently. 

The one and only time Cerberus left the under world was with Hercules. Capturing Cerberus and bringing him to show King Eurystheus was one of Hercules twelve labors. After parading the dog around Greece, Hercules brought him back down to the Underworld and his master Hades. 


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