Thursday, December 2, 2010

Psychic Tip of the Day - Psychic Kids

Surrounding yourselves with an energetic egg can help very much with keeping the disincarnates (ghosts) at a distance. Visualize an egg of any color surrounding your physical body with the intention of keeping away disincarnates. Eggs are slippery, so if a disincarnate tries to attach to you it will slip away.

Remember to do this every day. This helps you with your focus on being clear in your thoughts and emotions.  When you start feeling emotions and thoughts that are not your norm, check your energetic egg, make sure it is in place. Remember you are the one in control.

You are the one who makes the choice of being clear. The energetic egg will help you stay grounded and centered so you can make decisions with your intuitive gifts.  

Remember you are a Child of the Creator and you can vanquish these beings by saying so - I am a Child of God/Goddess Be Gone!  They will leave you.

The Water Fall of Light

Keep your living space clean and clear. Spirits love a messy place to reside.

Do not burn sage to clear them out.  This can irritate. Have a priest or medium clear your living space and teach you how to do this as well. After your living space is clear create an energetic waterfall pyramid around your house. This will keep them outside. Put Kosher salt in the corners of your house. Salt absorbs sorrow. Empty salt containers when you think about it. Bury the salt in the ground.

Visualize your home encompassed in a pyramid of clear blue water flowing from above your rooftop into the ground of your home with the intention of keeping your space clear a sanctuary for your family.

Remember to refresh your waterfall when you feel you need too.

You can also say –
I invite and invoke Arch Angel Michael & Archeia Faith to surround, guard, guide and protect myself and my house. Thank you!

You might see or feel Arch Angel Michael’s & Archeia Faiths Angels surround the boundaries of your house. This is good. Remember the Angels were created to serve mankind. So ask them for help. They want to help you.

If you have questions about this blog you can leave a comment below! Visit my website or email me! I will be happy to help you!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Psychic Tip of the Day - The Thinning of The Veils

When will I see with my Third Eye – Clairvoyance

When will I hear – Clairaudience

This is the time of the Thinning of the Veils. During this part of the ‘New Age’ many of you will want to see and hear your guides and angels.  This is the time to practice and work to open yourself to your Creator, Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters.

Everyone has these gifts to an extent. I say this because some of us had an event in our childhood when we saw or heard something and were either told that we didn’t see or hear or were frightened from the event. So we shut it down until we are ready to comprehend what is going on around us in the spirit world.

So now we are adults and we are asking to retrieve these gifts. How do we do this?
I am 45 years old and have been working as an Intuitive Reader/Healer for about 18 years, I am a trance channel for 8 years. Every day I am challenged with something new that helps me to expand myself to see more or hear more clearly. Some of what I see and hear often doesn’t make sense so I have to piece it together, think of a way to communicate to my client what I saw or heard. This is a challenge at times.

Often when you see or hear something it doesn’t make sense so the brain disregards and throws it in the recycle bin.  Now you must pay attention to those thoughts and images running through your brain. Do you have thoughts or inspirations that you would not normally think of? Do those ideas uplift you are they exciting and make your heart bounce? These are often ideas or inspirations from your guides, Ascended Masters or Angelics. Write down what you experience and piece it together until it makes sense to you. Trust yourself.

Everyday sit quietly and open yourself to communicate with your guides and angels. Just breathe, pay attention to your breath. Say ~ I am open and ready to receive guidance for my highest and greatest good. Keep a journal and write everything down you remember from your session. Practice and diligence is key to seeing and hearing.

Keep a dream journal as well, even if you only remember one idea from your dreams. The next day you may remember two ideas from your dreams and so on. By the end of the month you have a record of your dreams and you can put the ideas together ~ WooHoo! ~ You have a message from your guides and angels. 

Friday, October 22, 2010

Angelic Tip of the Day - Attaining World Peace

This is a question that comes up a lot during the Group Channelings ~

How can we as individuals be at Peace while the rest of the world struggles?

Archeia Hope's answer to this question - 

First you must remember when you see this idea in the media and get hooked into that drama/idea you add energy to this idea/drama. When you talk about struggle, recession, starving children in Africa and give it the negativity that the media gives it you are adding to this type of energy. You make it real.

Humans have a saying - Do not believe everything you hear and see on TV or in the newspapers. ~ You should remember this idea as you go about your day.

We ~ The Archeia ~ say look to the beauty, goodness, wondrousness of your Earth. Put your energy there. Strive to be at Peace with yourself in your world. You make this real when you add energy to this idea. Such a better idea!

To bring Peace, Love, Joy, Compassion to the world you must be at Peace. This helps the Mass Consciousness shift into Peace starts with you and your clarity, one person at a time.

Clear out emotions, thoughts, actions, relationships and those possessions you have that no longer serve you. Lighten your load. 

As you release these old patterns that no longer serve you, you will start to see that the propaganda from the media no longer troubles you. This is the beginning of you loving yourself unconditionally. As you love yourself so you shall be loved. 

This is the first steps of creating a better world for yourself and your family.

Remember you are created in the likeness of your Creator ~ You are perfect and wondrous! We encourage you to create a life full of wonder, love, compassion, joy and peace. The Creator created your Earth, your Heaven on Earth! How wondrous is that?

You must also remember this is a Free Will Planet. Everyone has a choice as to how they live their life and so do you. So live your life!

We are Archeia Hope, Divine Compliment of our beloved Arch Angel Gabriel.

Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Angelic Tip of the Day

The question ~ What is going to happen in 2012 always comes up during group channelings. Archeia Hope usually answers this question. She asked me to allow her to write down her answer too as She wishes to share with more people Her answer to this question.

IAM Archeia Hope, I am the Divine Compliment of my Beloved Arch Angel Gabriel. Today I intend to answer the question of the year 2012. First I want to write about the Archeia.

We the Archeia are the Divine Compliments of the Arch Angels. We have never walked the Earth. We are a vibration. I am the Vibrations of Hope. I celebrate and sing this vibration with the Earth constantly. The Earth is a living being. She is more powerful than most people give Her credit for. She has a better understanding of evolution than humans do. She wants Humans to think about how they like to be treated and treat Her the same. She wants to remind you that nature is always in action. When you observe what you call natural disasters she wants you to understand that these ~disasters ~ are natural. It is a course of Nature. We want you to understand this so you do not think you are being punished.

Next we want to say this ~ your Creator does not punish anyone or thing. 

Your Creator is Joy, Love, Unconditionality. Your Creator wants you to understand this and bring yourself back into the place that you are that as well. We the Archeia can help you take the steps to this space. This is our focus to remind you how wondrous you are and you live on a wondrous planet that is ever evolving.

Now that we have given you this information we will speak of 2012.

The shift of 2012 is already happening. It is a mass consciousness shift. In this shift you are experiencing a different way of being on all levels of your beingness. You are being promted to release all ways that do not serve you and to be in a space of unconditionality. You are being promted to simplify your lives, get back to your core. Be present in your lives and your beloveds.

The 2012 is already happening, you are living it right now. Many ideas and ways of being are changing so be flexible and see what resonates with you. Follow your heart and allow yourself to live the life you choose. It truly is OK for you to do so. So figure out what resonates with your heart and start to move into that flow. Trust your inner guidance and clear yourself of all thoughts and actions that no longer serve you.

It is OK for you to ask for guidance on your journey. There are many Ascended Masters, who are ready to aid you. We are here to aid you. This is our focus so allow us to help you.

IAM Archeia Hope, Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Gabriel ~ We love you, We Bless you!

Auriel Grace 
A Gang of Girls

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Angelic Tip of the Day - Connections

In this day and age with so many distractions we have to remember our connections to one another, our spirit guides and our connection to our Creator. When we remember these connections great energy pours through us and we are able to support one another in our efforts. We remember every one is unique including ourselves and we utilize the gifts we chose to use in this lifetime.

*In this day and age many of you have bought into the idea of lack because of your economy. If you look at this as a gift and think out of the box as to how you can create the life that you desire it will inspire you to utilize the gifts you chose to use in this lifetime. It will help you heal past wounds and expand you on so many levels. Use your imagination and create the ideas your heart desires. This is true healing and it can heal you on so many levels. Let go of ideas that are not serving you and keep you bound in and unending circle of events that get you nowhere.* Archeia Joy ~ Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Raphael.

The Gang of Girls is being created to support and uplift everyone. To help others Dreams & Desires come true. Allow us to help you in whatever way we can!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Psychic Tip of the Day - Energy

I would like to explain about different energies today. I am a Reiki Master and Angelic Channel as well as an Intuitive Reader. I have met many people and helped them in many ways. I have seen and worked with many types of beings.

Energy is energy, spirits are spirits, Angels are Angels and Ascended Masters are Ascended Masters.

In the spirit realm there is no right or wrong only the spirits focus. They are ARE, just as IAM. Whatever the spirits focus is they do a good job at it, that is what they were created for.

For example I channel the Archeia – they ARE the Divine Compliments of the Archangels. They are wondrous beings of Light.  Their Messages are delightful and loving. I adore them. They are Archeia Hope – Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Gabriel, Archeia Faith – Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Michael, Archeia Grace – Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Uriel, Archeia Charity – Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Jophiel and soon to come Archeia Joy – Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Raphael.

I channel with my eyes open and the Archeia like to get my body up and walking around. They like to touch, kiss, and give their love to human beings. Human beings love feeling their wondrous unconditional love and leave feeling like the wondrous beings that they are.

Recently I did a group channeling and one of the questions was – What about the evil beings? Archeia Hope answered the question – We do not talk about evil. To talk about it brings that kind of energy to us. Do not talk about it and you will not draw it to you.

After that channeling a rumor started that I was a demon. It has caused some interesting effects.

I personally do not believe in evil beings or demons. Energy is energy, it is what you do and feel about it. I have a healthy respect for all the energy in this world. Everything was created for a purpose. That is all.

For those of you who are scaring the hell out of your customers still, stop. Look within your being and balance that darkness within you. As soon as you do you will not fear that which you call evil and that will also fall by the wayside.

So as the Archeia say – STOP DOING THOSE THINGS THAT DO NOT SERVE YOU OR HUMAN KIND! Focus on those things that do serve and love yourself enough to know one must walk through the dark to get to the light. It is only your darkness that you see not others. Get clear, be the Light!

We were not put on this Earth to hurt and frighten, we were put here to bring unconditionality and see the wondrousness around us.

Go in peace.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Psychic Tip of the Day - Channeling

I started channeling the Archeia 10 Years ago. The Archeia are the Divine Compliments of the Arch Angels. I channeled Archeia Hope first. I got to know Hope and about the resonance of Hope.  Now I channel, Hope (Gabriel), Faith (Michael), Grace (Uriel),Charity(Jophiel) and Lord Melchizedek. The Archeia’s Messages are uplifting and Joyous, when they speak they are also raising the audiences resonance and sending out healing energy.

During my first years of channeling, I went through a huge clearing of my emotional, mental, spiritual and physical bodies.  

There will be several times during these meditations that you can receive messages/ guidance for yourself. Your Higher Self and your other guides and angels will be able to speak to you on a personal level while practicing these meditations.

I have made agreements with the Archeia – Here is a list of them – 1.)   They cannot answer a question that will embarrass anyone. They are to refer that person for a private reading or soul retrieval.

2.)   They are not to answer anyone who asks about conspiracy theories or anything that will cause fear.

3.)   If anyone becomes agitated during a group or private session they are to leave my body immediately so we can leave.

4.)   They do not drive.

Contacting the Higher Self –  with these Meditations

Soul Name –You may hear your Soul Name. You will see yourself differently and it will give you insight of where you have been, what you have done and what you wanted to do in this lifetime.

Knowing yourself better – Who are you and what do you want?

Contracts for this lifetime – You will be able to better see what agreements you made in this lifetime and the Karmic Lessons you want to balance out in this lifetime. Knowing about these lessons eases our lifetime here and makes us less harsh on ourselves and those that we interact with. It is the gift of Grace. How wondrous is that?

Books to read – Mastery of Love, the four Agreements, Celestine Prophecy and the Tenth Insight. These books help give guidance about being your authentic self.

Here is a meditation to assist you with connecting to your guides and angels to receive messages for your highest and greatest good. This is the Automatic Writing Meditation - 

Monday, April 5, 2010

Psychic Tip of the Day- Taking Responsibility

The Universe wants you succeed in all of your endeavors. In my life I have come to realize this and trust that I will be provided for. I have traveled all over the United States working as an Intuitive Reader, Angelic Channel, Medium and Reiki Master. I have worked with people from all walks of life. The Universe has always provided for me and my children, I have a blessed life.
During this time of change in our world there are many people wondering if they will be taken care of ~ Have Courage ~ you will be provided for.
Ask the Universe to guide you, ask for signs, listen to your intuition and instinct. I know there is that Faith thing involved, perhaps trust is one of the issues you signed up to learn in this lifetime. Trusting the self often is the hardest concept we have in our lifetimes, dig down to your heart and see where that leads you.
Be courageous and take a leap, it might be the start of a great adventure for you. The Universe loves it when we take action and empower ourselves.
In my world, I have to get myself out and about in order to do my work. I have to take action everyday to provide for myself and my family. What do you do every day to provide for yourself? Do you like doing what you do? If you don’t, take steps everyday to find something you love, soon you will be doing just that.
So what do you want? How do you want it?
Be positive while you are manifesting what you want. Remember you may have to change some ideas you have in order to manifest your dreams and that is o.k., do not be harsh on yourself. Be kind, encouraging and love yourself so you do not block what you want. If you are an adult, you have been thinking a certain way for all your years, now you are creating change, it will take some time for change to happen, be patient and diligent.
While you are opening yourself to create your world you will get to know yourself better, many thoughts and ideas that serve you will become stronger within you every day. The ideas and thoughts that do not serve you will melt away and you will feel lighter and brighter. This enables you to be honest with yourself and how you truly want to live your life and what will give you the greatest joy.
People ask about their friends and family and what their reactions will be. My answer to this is, does it really matter what others think as long as you are healthy and happy?
Example: My Mother (yes I call her Mother) at first had a really hard time with me being me. It has taken 10 years of diligently setting up boundaries with her so we could have a positive relationship. I did not give up on her, I simply kept reminding her who I am and what I do for a living. She is always amazed that my life is always in a positive motion.
I have lost many friends on my adventure here on Earth. I have made many life friends, I am so very grateful for our relationships.  When you ask for change and you open yourself to receive your manifestations, you are opening yourself to growth and new adventures in your life.
I intend that you are healthy, happy, whole, guided, guarded, protected and connected to you own Divine Source! I say this intention for your highest and greatest good! So Be It! So It Is!
What are you waiting for?

Psychic Tip of the Day - Changing Your World

There is a lot of change going on in the world right now.  There many people wondering about their jobs, will they keep them or will they also be one of the many who will have to make a change?
In this time there are many industries that are going through growing pains. These growing pains are caused by the masses (You and Me) who are expecting more out of our products and more for the environment. More of us are aware that there are better ways cars can operate, for example. I applaud those car manufacturers who are working on creating cars that run better and are cleaner. The companies who are supporting recycling, giving back to the community and those who are looking at alternate ways of power and heating their businesses, I salute you! Good for them and us too!
Yes there have been layoffs, this is the question I have for people who have been laid off and are still looking for the same job, why are you looking for something that may not exist soon? Why aren’t you educating yourself for a different career? This question is for everyone, start thinking out of the box and try something else. Perhaps you are meant to do something else in this time.
I have done many readings lately about this very subject, the questions always are – When will I start working again and when will my finances get better?
People are thinking we are in a recession, we aren’t.  In this time we are going through some growing pains and redefining how we want our world. When we voted for a new president we voted for Hope and a different way of being, not just for President Obama.
We as a country have asked for change, here it is, now what are you going to do about it? This is your opportunity to create your life as you have always wanted. Many complain about the government, how it is not serving the people. If you are so passionate about take responsibility and become a leader for change. Be the powerful person you are! When you complain you give your power away. When you create and resolve issues you claim your power and move with it.
If you are in debt cut up those credit cards that are keeping you in debt, get into a program to help you with your debt. Empower yourself!
Clear out your homes of all those things that do not serve you, yard sales, Craig’s List, Ebay and Amazon can help you with that.  As you remove all the belongings and thoughts that do not serve you, you will see that new belongings and thoughts will fill your life, it will be a new way of being. Empowering yourself!
How do you want your personal world? What can you change in your world to make it more of what you would like?  Remember you are the creator of your world.  So create it.
If you are a negative thinker and are exhausting yourself with your thoughts, start writing all of your negative thoughts down. In a couple of weeks take a look at what you have written down, start changing your mind. Yes it will take a while for you to do this but if you are determined the sky is the limit.
Start with small ideas and changes in your world, for example, when you wake up in the morning and put your feet on the floor say – I am so very thankful for all the wondrous ideas I will have today! Let your day unfold like that and if you feel yourself spiraling out or starting to become negative, say it again and watch as your world shifts into something you like and want.
Your thoughts, words and actions are powerful, so powerful they can change your life, so why not think about what you want and only that? As you do this you will see a positive change in your household your friends and relatives.
You don’t need to change the outside world to feel complete, it is the inside that we need to change and heal. As our insides feel good so does the outside world and how we relate to it.  
You deserve a life that is wondrous, loving, beautiful, magical and positive and only you can do this for yourself.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Soul Retrieval - A Way to Grace - Moon Goddess Story pt 4

Soul Retrieval – A Way to Grace – Moon Goddess Story

Moon Goddess is a very fun and loving person. Her goal was to become a Fairy God Mother! She is a health nurse that works with new Mom's and their new Babies.

She started to become aware of the way she laughed and how it disturbed her and others. Her laugh was a cackle.

For this Soul Retrieval we did go back in time. Moon Goddess had a lifetime of being a dark witch. She lived in the forest far from her town and practiced her dark arts and reveled in her power. Now I want to pause for a moment and remind everyone we have all had to walk through the dark to get to the light and from the light to get to the dark. That is what life is about to experience every opportunity we can.

We journeyed back to Moon Goddesses Dark Witch time to regain her purity she wanted so she could truly be the Fairy Godmother to the people she helps. On our journey mood Goddess met the witch she was, she gave the cackle back to her former self and brought into herself the Purity she lost during that lifetime.

Now when Moon Goddess laughs it is a pure and fun laugh and she feels 
confident with her dream of being the Fairy Godmother to the people she helps.

Now you have read four different stories of Soul Retrieval and how it helped these people regain parts of themselves that they lost. Now you have a better idea of how it works and maybe how it can help you.

Soul retrieval A Way to Grace - Inner Child

Soul Retrieval - A Way to Grace Part 3

Rudolph’s Story – Inner Child

I worked with Rudolph for about six months a couple years ago. I did many Soul Retrieval sessions with him. One of his goals was to lighten up his life. As a child Rudolph was the oldest child in the family and was the one who helped his mother the most with his younger siblings. This is an issue with people who are the eldest sibling; they are the ones that take on a parental role, especially with single parent families. When this happens many children leave behind that inner child because they are busy helping Mom or Dad and not getting enough attention as a child. The child forgets how to play and turn into workaholics or develop negative ways of getting attention. These children grow up resenting their parents for the lack of focused, loving attention.

This was a present lifetime issue we worked with, so we did not need to go back in time. Instead what we did was call forth his Mother’s and Father’s spirit so he could communicate with them on a higher level. During this time his mother was alive and his father had recently left this dimension. During these conversations he forgave his parents for the extra burdens they put on him as a child.

Then I opened a safe place for him and called forth the Cherubim, Angels of Mercy and Raphael the angel of healing. When he felt safe I asked for his inner child to come forth. Rudolph and his inner child faced each other before the inner child walked back into his soul. As soon as his inner child walked in Rudolph’s resonance rose high. He was smiling and comfortable.

I asked for the Angels to stay with him during this process of bringing his Inner Child into his soul. Sometimes the Inner child doesn’t stay because the Adult will not remember how to play and integrate that into his or her life.

Rudolph was able to keep his inner child and stay lightened up more than he had in the past. He was more open to just being content and seeing more of the beauty around him.

Playing is essential for adults. If you are feeling fretful do something creative and fun. Go out dancing or wear that crazy hat you have been putting off because it is childish. Find sometime during the day to do something fun for yourself. It is o.k. to play! It helps us feel happy throughout our whole beingness.

Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls

Soul Retrieval – A Way to Grace Pt 2

Soul Retrieval – A Way to Grace Pt 2

Sunset’s Story – Cutting Cords, Releasing old Recordings and Bringing in the Priestess Aspect.

We all have lived many lifetimes on this planet in other dimensions and on other planets in other galaxies. For example I wrote a book called the Soul Group’s Journey; you can find it on or on the Amazon Kindle. It is a past life I had that I remembered.

Sunset is a woman I worked with for about six months. She is a great healer and a wise woman. During our work we did a Soul Retrieval session because she was crazy about this man who was not for her highest good. He was sucking the life out of her and her wallet. She could not say no to this man and it really bothered her.

We decided first that she needed to cut the cord between them. So we created sacred space and checked her chakras for any cords that lead to her man. We found a big cord on her second chakra. We followed the cord to see if there were any past lives that needed attention. We found several and she chose the one she felt was most important to resolve. We invited and invoked the Archangel Michael to cut and cauterize the cord between them. Then we thanked him and asked if he and his helpers would stay with Sunset while she went through her past life.

In a past life Sunset was a priestess to the Goddess Bridget.  Sunset guarded a sacred lake and guided people to healing through the sacred waters. In this life she had relations with a roman soldier who stole a sacred necklace she was given when she took her vows. This roman soldier was the same man she was crazy about in this lifetime. The necklace was a very special gift to her; it represented her power as a priestess.

So to retrieve her power back we did a journey meditation back to the lake, back in time. I guided her back to the time where her Roman lover stole the necklace. I guided her to wait until he was asleep to take back the necklace and forgive him for the theft. She did just that and kissed his forehead and forgave him. I guided her to put the necklace back on before she came back from the journey.

Three days after the session the man showed up with an emerald necklace and told her he was moving and he wanted to break off the relationship. He said he wanted to give her the necklace in acknowledgement of what she taught him in this lifetime. He told he realized how selfish he was and he was sorry for hurting her.

Sunsets relationships with men have also changed. She can intuit now if a romantic relationship will be for her highest good or not and she is able to make her decisions accordingly.

Soul Retrieval - A Way to Grace Pt 1

Soul retrieval is a way to Grace. During a soul retrieval session you will release old soul contracts, thoughts and actions that no longer serve you. You may bring in an aspect of yourself that you lost during trauma in a past or present life. You may have to cut cords from a previous or present life to move on and live your life to its fullest potential. Soul Retrieval teaches us to bring forth knowledge from the past and utilize the knowledge now in a positive way. In this blog I am presenting three examples of Soul Retrieval from three different people. I have changed their names for privacy sake. First I will share my own experience with Soul retrieval.

Bringing in the Aspect Bast
Bast is a representative of Sirius B. She is an aspect of the Goddess.
History & Relations of Bast
Bast is the daughter of the sun god Ra, wife of Ptah, and mother of Mihos, Bast is an ancient Egyptian goddess who is still revered by many today. Bast’s worship began around the year 3200 BCE during the second dynasty in northern Egypt. Her city is Bubastis. Egyptians celebrated Bast’s feast day, October 31st, with great joy and enthusiasm honoring their protector goddess. She is related to Neith, the Night Goddess, Bast symbolized the moon in its function of making a woman fruitful, with swelling of the womb. She was also the Egyptian Goddess of pleasure, music, dancing and joy. Bast is a representative of Sirius B. She is an aspect of the Goddess.

I chose to have these Soul Retrieval sessions because I was at a cross roads in my life and I was not moving forward with my own career. My Soul Retrieval practitioner told me that if I chose to retrieve this part of my soul my life would fully change, very rapidly. I was ready and open to receive that change. She asked me what I wanted to accomplish with these sessions and I replied that I wanted my business to grow in a delightfully prosperous way.

Our First session was a clearing of some old contracts and the release of some beings I had contracts with. We also cut cords to beings from previous lives and this lifetime. This session took about an hour.

The next session I released a dark aspect of myself that did not serve me in this life time. This aspect always held me back from serving the Light and kept my gifts hidden from those who could use my service.

After releasing this dark aspect I was open to receive the aspect of the Goddess Bast. She and I came face to face before she entered my soul again and I felt like I had met an old friend. Then I allowed her to take her place within my soul. As she entered I felt a great relief and a better sense of myself.

Over the next month my confidence grew. I started getting new clients and I was not afraid to shine. My life did change and parts of it were a struggle, my feeling over all is that I am blessed and I have a blessed life.

Now it took three sessions to do this work, about 5 hours to complete this Soul Retrieval over the course of a month. This is something to consider while thinking about doing Soul Retrieval.  The first step is deciding what you want to change about yourself and your life. You will then discuss this with the practitioner and then make your decisions from there.

Lord Melchizedek - Spiritual Warriors #2

Spiritual Warriors! We ask you today and for the days moving forward to be a good example for those who are connected to you, esp...