Stone Henge, England & Preseli Mountains, Wales

StoneHenge, Wiltshire - England  Preseli Mountains, North Pembrookshire Wales There are many henges in England, Wales and Ireland marking burial places and other sacred sites.  There are two other henges made of wood close by Stonehenge.  Recently scientists and archeologists have come to the conclusion that the Preseli Bluestones at StoneHenge were part of a henge in Preseli Wales. They were brought over to Wiltshire during a migration of neolithic people. The bluestone were moved on wooden sleighs across well trodden paths to the place they are now. This was done to honor their beliefs and ancestors.  What these sites offer you -  Attunes you to the sacred power of mother Earth.  Opportunity to sit in the womb of time Personal or planetary healing reconnection to ancestors expanded awareness knowledge of past wisdom and skills insight into your purpose An opportunity to offer service to the earth While our scientists and archeologist were learning about these sites t

Reiki & Deeksha

  Reiki  History - Through out time humans have searched for a way to understand and end suffering on the planet.  Mikao Usui  encouraged by his students travelled around the world to figure out how Jesus healed people. When he discovered from a Sanskrit text how the healing was done he decided he needed to master it.  Chronology  Dr. Usui went for three weeks period of meditation and prayer on Mt. Koriyama in Japan. He chose his meditation site and piled 21 stones in front of him to mark the days.  Before dawn on the last day of meditation Dr. Usui saw a brilliant ray of light coming toward him, recognizing this was information coming from the Creator he allowed the information to flow through his 3rd Eye Chakra. Through the information he received the symbols for Reiki, what the symbols meant and how to apply the symbols. This was the very first ‘Reiki’ attunement.  All Ascended Masters teach us how we can assist our fellow human release their burdens. They teach through the

Narmada River, India

The Narmada river is a place of pilgrimage. The river washes away sins and purifies the soul. The spiritual journey taken is 3 years, 3 months an 13 days, walking from the Arabian Seas at Bharuch in Gujarat to the source in the Maikai Mountains (Amarkantak hills) in Madhya Pradesh and back along the opposite bank of the river. It is a 1600 mile walk. Pilgrimages take place under strict rules of humility, celibacy, poverty and respect for the environment.  The Narmada River is more than 620 miles long and one of the oldest rivers 150 million years. Narmada mean ‘giver of pleasure’ in Sanskrit. The river is considered the mother and giver of peace. The mere sight of the Narmada cleanses the soul. The Narmada River rises in the town of Amarkantak, a place where pilgrims pass as they follow the river. It is also a natural heritage area where the Vindhya and Satpuri Ranges meet.  The holy temple Shri Yantra Mandir was built in Amarkanak it is the birthplace of the Narmada River.  Amark