Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Your Movie - Your Life

Everyone has the opportunity to change or re-write their script. That is what is beautiful about living on Planet Earth. Look around your life and see what needs changing and take the steps to change your life, how you want it! If the steps look too big, make them smaller so you can get a handle on your life. Compassion, understanding and forgiveness of the self and others is key to making those steps. You will not forget the lesson learned but you will be able to move on with your life. Your life is no ones fault but your own! So take those steps and if Donna and I can help you on your way we will do our very best to give you straight forward and the best advise we can!

The first thing I tell my clients is look around at yourself and make a list of dislikes, those are the easiest for most people. Take that list and burn it. Watch the list burn and throw the ashes out to the Universe! Watch the ashes and the energy of dislike leave you.

The next thing is make a list of those qualities about yourself you do like. Make sure there is enough room on the page to add more to the list. Tape it to your bathroom mirror so you can see it everyday and add to it as you think of how wonderful you are. This is your list of you. Ask for guidance from the Creator, your guides and Angels. Allow the messages to come to you. Act upon your inner guidance. Give your guides and Angels something to do for you and wait and watch as miracles unfold in your life!

Your Movie! Your Life! Take Charge and make it an awesome one!
Love you All! Have a wonderful rest of the week!

Auriel Grace

A Gang of Girls

Elevated Delights

Monday, February 10, 2014

Soul Retrieval - Healing Your Heart

February is Love month at Elevated Delights, why?

We believe the Energy of Love can heal all wounds or un- ease. 

February is a month that is focused on Love. We know most of the focus is on romantic love, we focus on Unconditional Love

One of the ways you can achieve Unconditional Love is by clearing out all those heartaches, heartbreaks and unrequited love. 


Soul Retrieval.

What happens during a Soul Retrieval Session?

During a Soul Retrieval Session you are led to two other lives where you endured heartache, heartbreak, disappointment or unrequited love. You will be guided to  meet the 'self' or 'you' of that lifetime. You will assist that part of you to change the focus of the heart and attune it to its highest good. 

While you are doing this I am consulting your Akashic Records and clearing your energy field of those hurts, by cutting cords, and taking out those different energies that no longer serve you.

When your energy field is clear you will find that you do not react as you used to. You will find that you are more accepting of an Equal Exchange of Energy and more. Most of all you will start to recognize Unconditional Love and all its wondrous beauty! 

The third Lifetime you will be led to is your Happily Ever After. This is the lifetime you experienced Unconditional Love. For this Lifetime you will be enveloped in this energy to assist with your healing! You will sit within this energy so you can soak in Unconditional Love and the Wisdom that comes with it!

After we are through with those steps, I will create an energy I call an Archetype - This Archetype will be an Aspect of Love

When the Aspect of Love enters your being I will energetically envelope you so the healing stays in place. 

This specific Soul Retrieval was developed for this month - Love Month! The session takes about two hours or so depending on you and how much you are willing to give up! 

So let's work on Healing Your Heart!

Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls
Elevated Delights

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Message of Love

'IAM the Goddess Venus! Our energy is about assisting you with love and prosperity. Many of the Human Being on your planet are transitioning over to the Energy of Love. This is wondrous to us. Love is about being responsible for yourself and allowing the Equal Exchange of Energy in all forms in your life. If you feel you do not have that look at your life and see how you can mend this. We have seen that communication is a big factor in your lives. Learn how to communicate with each other. Release those expectations you have about how Love should be and allow Love to Be. When you allow Love all else fall into place for your lives. We want to share our blessing of love and Prosperity with you. Place your hand on the computer screen and take a deep breath. Open yourself to receive as much of this blessing as possible. Come back to this message as many times as you like so you can receive it again and again!' 

We bless you with the Energy of Love!
We see you walking the Path of Love!
We see your maturity growing as you simply Love all beings connected to you!
Allow Love to flow through you and all around you every moment of your existence! 

Channeled by Auriel Grace

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