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This has been a time for personal introspection. Many of you have asked for advice about the changes you have wanted for a while. I am very grateful to have helped you look deep, release your fears and learn how courageous you truly are! So wondrous! I encourage you to continue making your dreams come true. For those of you who are stumped on what to do next, look deep within you and ask yourself - What is for my highest good? What can I do to help myself for my highest and greatest good? Start taking steps to that idea. All of my life people have told me I will never make it with my chosen career, yet here I am and doing very well. If I can do that so can you. I know it, no matter what is going on in the world.  When I am introspective, I look at what I want to accomplish and then strategize on how to accomplish it. Although we can't move around as we used to there is plenty of information available to us through the internet. I look at research as solving a mystery to solve.  I a

Faith & Reformation



There are very vague references to numerology through out history, however I have yet to find out where and when numerology came into existence.  Numerology, can however assist you with figuring out lessons you are learning and lessons you are mastering.  It is easy to work a numerology chart, here is what one looks like -  Here is an example -  A U R I E L  - First name is your growth vibration -  1 3 9 9 5 3 = 30 = 3 Add the numbers, break down the total = 3 3 is the number for Creativity and Being Noticed.  For a full Numerology Read for yourself pull the numbers for your full name, add the total numbers of each name together and you will have your big session you wanted to learn in this lifetime -  A U R I E L  G R A C E  -  Full name Destiny 1 3 9 9 5 3     7  9 1 3  5       30 = 3          25 = 7                   3+7=10 = 1 - Leadership Birth date - Life Path -  Month - 1+1=2   Date - 6  Year - 1+9+6+5 = 21 = 3 total - 2 + 6 + 3 = 11 = 2 - Harmony  Here are basic descriptions of