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Angelic Tip of the day Heart!

Love All you need is Love . . .Right? When your heart is opened and you are aligned with love there are so many possibilities in life.  Creating from love assists you with admiring beauty and leading to a life of ease and grace. So how do we achieve getting to the place of aligning with the energy of love? We look at our lifetime and see where we need to forgive others and mostly ourselves. In this lifetime I have experienced love in so many forms. Yes I have had my heart broken from different love affairs, family and friends. How have I healed my heart? Through forgiveness first of the self, me forgiving myself. I have worked on releasing blame to others and become responsible for my own actions.  When you look at your life it was you who took the step and entered into the situation you were or are in that you find discomfort. This is after all a free will planet - you decided of your own free will to put yourself there. Now it is time for you to make a de