Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Lord Melchizedek - Spiritual Warriors #2

Spiritual Warriors!

We ask you today and for the days moving forward to be a good example for those who are connected to you, especially at this time of Pandemic on the Earth. 

We ask you to take precautions, keep yourselves and your loved ones safe. 

We say this because many of the countries around the world have not reached the peak of this virus, nor will it go away. This virus will be moving through until 2021 and more if not enough care is taken. 

Be present, be aware of your surroundings. Love yourself as the Celestial Beings and the Creator does for your own well being. 

You may find yourself pausing during this time to perhaps think about the way you have been living or creating a living. Allow yourself to wonder and wander through your thoughts and feelings. Clear out old recordings of your thoughts. 

Since you have been in your homes, have you changed anything? Have you created anything? 

This is a great time to pause, be present, and really feel how and where you are in your life. We ask you to take stock and start making decisions for the present that will lead you into your new future. How will your life change for the better? 

Your countries, were not prepared for this pandemic. Do you wish to be unprepared for the next wave of this pandemic? Maybe even the third wave? 

Many of you rely or relied on the one way of creating currency. Now you must look for other ways. Perhaps those other ways are less currency, perhaps not. 

It is time now to be creative, so you will have the ability to maintain your life and way of being. While considering this topic, think of how you have lived your life, what can you change to bring ease and grace into your heart and mind. Is the quality of your life beyond it's wildest dreams? 

We also ask that you look to your planet, your planet is also going through a time of healing. The waters are a little cleaner, your air is a little cleaner. What can you do to maintain a healthier natural environment for yourself and your loved ones?

We ask these questions, to help you clear out what does not serve you. To assist with some healing that needs to happen within you, to help you perhaps change your perspective on your life and what is for your higher and better good. 

Here is our practical advice for you right now - 

Take time to admire the beauty around you.  Stand in the sunshine and allow the warmth to seep into your crown chakra all the way down to your feet. 

Take time to quiet your mind and ask for good guidance for your higher and better good. Meditation and prayer are good ways to receive answers.

Realize your blessings.

Stay Safe, take precautions when you are in public. 

Make your home your sanctuary.

Be practical, present and mindful. 

Be the great Spiritual Warriors you are!

Go in Peace,

Lord Melchizedek


Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Lord Melchizedek - Spiritual Warriors #1

Greetings, Spiritual Warriors! 

You have found yourselves in unknown territory with the Pandemic which has spread through out Earth. You are being cautioned to take care of yourselves and your families. We are here today to 'back that up', as Auriel says. We promote this, you will have to still take care as your quarantine lifts. 

Instead of running out to be with others, you may want to rethink your 'new' way of socializing, how you will live your life. Being present and truly considering what and how you will interact with others. This virus has not hit its peak here in the United States and elswhere. 

Do you love yourself and your children enough to take care of yourself in a different way? In a way that will keep you and your family safe? 

You have had time to rethink how you live your life. Now is the time to try out those new ways. There will be no going back, only going forward. 

Choose a quality of life that fits your resonance, not what others would choose for you. 

Perhaps it will take more of your energy to recreate or add to what you have created. 

We advise looking at different ways of living now. When the second wave of this virus moves through the Earth again you are prepared. Be patient with your government and use your instinct and intuition on how you will use the information and conduct you life.

Many of you have lost your financial resources. You have great technology and ways to gather information to assist you. Use these tools to help you. You will have to be creative as business will be run in different ways after the virus has dissipated. 

Remember it is a virus it will mutate many times, just as your 'flu'. 

We recomend these ideas for you - 

Stand in the sunshine everyday, during different times of the day
Eat healthy foods, whole, raw foods are best.
Keep your immune system up.
Sanitize everything. 
Wear a mask.

Connect to your higher self, Spirit Guides, Angels, the Creator. Ground yourself to the depths of the Earth through meditate and prayer. Fill yourself with Light.

Pray for others, ask for the Creators blessings and Light to shine upon any situation, not matter what. All life is valuble and loved!

Stay Safe, Stay Home, it is for your highest and best good. 

We will have more to say to you as time passes.

Peace and Love be with you!

Lord Melchizedek, Ascended Master, Seraphim Angel

This message is channeled for you through Auriel Grace.

Lord Melchizedek - Spiritual Warriors #2

Spiritual Warriors! We ask you today and for the days moving forward to be a good example for those who are connected to you, esp...