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The Next Step

This week we had a lovely soul walk into Elevated Delights . She was guided to us from a friend of ours who does readings. She came to have a Cranial Sacral session with Donna. This wonderful person had received good guidance from other intuitive readers. The guidance only went so far. She needed to take the next step healing her heart and releasing those emotions no longer serving her. Many of you probably feel that way. You receive all this great informations about needing to release old ways of being but what do you do? Where do you go? How do you do that? There are many energetic modalities out there for you to inquire about and try to help with releasing. The question is how deep do you want to go?  For example some years ago I needed to move to a different town. I kept looking and looking every time I thought I had a great place it would be rented out before I got there or the place didn't accept pets. My son had a cat at the time.  I was also angry, ve

Soul Retrieval - What is it?

What is Soul Retrieval? Soul Retrieval is is different for each individual. It is releasing old ways of being and embracing new ways of being. It is claiming back strengths what you have forgotten. It is the opportunity to make changes in your attitude, receive forgiveness and mercy. A way to clear your heart and soul. What happens during a Soul retrieval Session? I always ask you what your goal is - love, success, happiness etc. Sometimes you don't know what your goal is. When this happens I ask your Akashic Record keeper what is for your highest good to release and heal at this time. Your Akashic Record Keeper shows me what we need to release and during which time period, dimension, planet etc. Your Akashic Record Keeper shows me two or three lifetimes that need correction. We take some journeys to those other lifetimes and we make corrections. While we are making corrections in those lifetimes, I am also clearing your field of the energy that holds you in this at

The Lion of March

March is the time of new beginnings! We go through our homes and clear out the physical/material belongings we no longer use, we get the idea of simplifying our lives. What does that mean to simplify? It could mean so many things but basically what I have found is that most people want to bring some quality, ease and peace of mind to their lives. So look around your life and see where you can place those ideas. Make March the month you start to implement change you desire in your life. What kind of changes do you desire to create in your life?  When I decide that I desire change in my life, I focus on what I want changed. I create and say intentions focusing on that change. I also write and say what I am grateful for each day! I open myself to all the wondrous synchronistic events that will start happening to create what it is that I am focusing on. Here is one example of an Intention & Gratitude -  I intend and am so grateful the quality of my life is beyond my wildest