Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Psychic Tip of the Day - Service

How often do you do something for someone else just for the wonderful feeling you get from the action? 

How often do you feel inspired to do good for others? Do you follow through with your inspiration? 

I often talk about keeping your heart open and aligned with the energy of love. When you can do that and keep that energy flowing through you it helps us with empathy, understanding and compassion. That way when we are inspired to help others, the action comes from out hearts, divine action. 

What does the above have to do with service? 

Those ideas are part of doing service for others. Just doing something nice for some because you can.  Doesn't that give you the warm fuzzy feeling? 

That is personal service. Then there is what I call 'community' service. This is when we do volunteer work, building houses, gardens, helping thrift stores. charities and more. 

When you do this kind of work it is always wonderful to see the interactions of our community and the community comes together to work for a goal. 

I always encourage people to do service, it is good for your heart and soul. 

There is such a thing as karmic service too. Karmic service helps us balance out our karma in a big way. 

I will give you an example of both personal and community karmic service. 

I lived in Taos for about nine months. I knew I wouldn't live there for long when I landed in Taos and I knew I had some work to do as far as growth. Big growth!

Arriving in Taos I found myself volunteering for a place called the Shared Table at the Methodist church. There were three days when free lunches were served. We also put together donated items specifically for families with infants/toddlers to give to out. I met some very interesting people there. I was balancing some community karma there. There were a couple of past lives where I wasn't a very nice person and this is how I decided to balance out my bad treatment of my community in the past by giving to the community in this lifetime. 

I also met several people during this time, younger people. These people were runaways, abused and misled youths. I assisted them with getting to the next step in life or getting them safely back home. Balancing karma with them as well. 

We also cleared two graveyards while we were there too. Raising the resonance of Taos and bringing it into better harmony. Community service with the Earth. 

While doing this work, I didn't think I was balancing karma. I was doing what I was inspired to do. Following through with out being paid back or feeling as though I should be paid for the services. As I look back at these events I see that by doing these services I was released from being in Taos, I really don't like New Mexico, so as soon as my service was up there new doors opened and I was able to move. I very gratefully left Taos and moved onto my next adventure. 

I did feel like many burdens were released from my shoulders as I did my service in Taos, so by the time I left I did feel lighter and brighter. 

Do you have times during your life where you were guided to serve others or do something nice for someone, just because? How did it make you feel?

I always encourage everyone if you are inspired, help out where you can. Be kind and follow your heart, you never know what will happen and it might give back to you in many wondrous ways. 

Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!


Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Psychic Tip of the Day - Choice

Falling down is an accident, staying down is your choice - 
get up, dust yourself off and do your thing!

We all have situations where we make crazy decisions and end up on out rear ends - sometimes literally! We are hard on ourselves, we judge ourselves we beat ourselves up over it. Why? 

There can be many reasons why we are mean to ourselves. Mostly it is our expectations that cause this effect. 

What if you just decided instead to look at the situation you have just been through and stood up dusted yourself off and start again without any judgement at all. Keep what you have learned and apply it on your next go.

It has taken me a long time to figure that out. 

Now when something doesn't work out the way I want it too, I move on. I figure I am not going to be on the planet forever in this body. I am not going to waste my time staying on my butt. I am going to get up and work on achieving my goal. I am going to allow events in my life to shape my goal to make it a richer and greater goal. 

So spending time spinning out scenarios of what has happened is just going to hold you back from what you want to achieve. Instead spin out scenarios of your achievement(s). Make goals that are achievable and be patient as your goals are achieved. 

Let go of your grudges, frustration and develope strategies that are going to assist, uplift and get you to the place you want to be. Celebrate each step, love yourself enough to be kind to yourself when something doesn't work out. This includes those love relationships that don't work out. Be grateful for the time spent and look forward to the next greatest, relationship you are going to have. 

So if you fall down, choose to get up dust off all those thoughts, ideas and energies that don't serve you and move forward to the next step in your life with enthusiasm and joy in your heart! When you do this, your life can only get better, richer and more wondrous than it has been!

Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of love!

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