Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Psychic Tip of the Day - Guardian Angels

The veils between worlds are thin until the first week of November. Now is the time to start practicing connecting to your spirit guides and angels.

Today we are going to be connecting to our Guardian Angel(s).

You can have more than one Guardian Angel. Arch Angel Michael and Archeia Faith oversee the guardians. Yes Guardians can appear to be female, male, animal, they can take on many forms. They are our guard, guides and protectors. Our guardians send us signs and symbols and talk to us about what is for our highest good and what isn't for our highest good. They can warn us during situations when we REALLY need to be present.

My Guardian Angel is Lord Damiel, he is a big warrior Guardian Angel. He growls when I need to pay attention. When I really need to pay attention I hear steel slamming down. That is the sound of his wings protecting me. Lord Damiel is a great protector, he is also a great advisor.

So how do you know this, Auriel?

I practiced connecting with my angels. I am a curious person and so I am always asking, why, who & how. You should too!

When do we need protection?

  • When we feel vulnerable.
  • When someone tries to hook into us energetically to drain our energy.
  • When we put ourselves in a situation that is not for our highest good.
  • When we enter a haunted property or are working with a haunted person or object.
  • When it is time to travel.

There are more reasons for invoking your Guardian Angel, these are examples.  

Practice inviting and invoking your Guardian Angel into your energy field - 

I invite and invoke my guardian angel into my energy field to guide guard and protect me during my day. I invite you to assist me in hearing or seeing your way of guiding me through my day! For the highest and greatest good of my self and all beings everywhere!

Here is a short meditation to help you develop your relationship with your Guardian Angel. 

Keep your heart opened and aligned with the energy of Love!

Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls Radio

Saturday, October 15, 2016

For You to Review

I have been busy writing my latest book these past weeks. Thats why you haven't seen the Psychic Tip of the Day! This is the time of year when I receive messages about what and how to present handy psychic tips. While I was asking for direction from my guides and angels, I kept hearing i needed to start pulling together what I have taught in workshops and written to create a series of books for you. The First book is called Haunted - A Psychic's Story. I will be releasing it in the Kindle for Halloween 2016. I am really excited about it. There will be other books too in the Psychic's Story Series.  I am outlining them now. It will be fun to share them with you and hear what you have to say about them.

You have asked about the Lucy Prophet Psychic Girl series as well. The next Lucy Book will be available for Christmas. I am excited about this series as it is a contemporary story. 

What would you do if you won the lottery? 

The interesting part about Lucy Prophet Psychic Girl is that I imagined what the Characters from a Soul Group's Journey would be like in the future? Can you match up the characters in A Soul Group's Journey with the characters in Lucy Prophet's book? If you have read both books let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are! 

Reviews are gold for an author, so please remember to review the books! It help me know you enjoyed the book or have questions about it. Click on the kindle links below to download to your kindle!

From 10/15-10/17 A Soul Group's Journey and The Book of Yzabelle are free to download on the Kindle. Check them out and let me know what you think of each story. Yes there is more to come for both of these novels. 

A Soul Group's Journey is a heartwarming and heartbreaking story of how a Soul Group came together for their last lifetime on Sirius B. 

Benjan - The story starts with a single soul's quest to find the one true being that will compliment him. On the way he meets his soul family and learns how to love unconditionally.

Airel - Her journey is about change and maturity, accepting responsibility and trusting her intuition and instinct.

Xtapa - Fun, Fun, Fun and spoiling herself and others, this is Xtapa. She is dark and lovely and ready for everyone to acknowledge that!  

Blessed Star - Her clarity of heart and mind is an inspiration to everyone she touches. 

Rain - A Sage among his people, will he embrace change and leave his 'status' behind for a fresh start?

Raven - The most loving!

Web - Always up for a challenge, will she be able to see past pettiness and become the great leader she was meant to be?

What starts out to be a journey to find one specific being ends up being an epic tale of synchronistic events that creates a new way of being for so many of the elves that live on Sirius B.  

This novel is about change and all of the magic, joy, courage, compassion and love these beings have for one another. 


“There will be a time when the land of Telgira is torn with war. The first war will end when the Queen from the north marries the King of Telgira. She will bring with her the daughter of the Goddess, the aspect Hope. It is her destiny to bring Hope and Unity to the land and she will be granted many gifts and she will share her gifts with her people. The wars will cease and there will be peace throughout the countries of the north.” 

Will the Prophecy be fulfilled? Will Yzabelle be able to see beyond the circumstances of her life? Will she be able to forgive herself for all of the lives she took in order to keep her kingdom safe? What will happen when she is ordered to lay her sword down and marry the enemy? 

Check out the books and let me know what you think!
Keep your Hearts open and aligned with the Energy of Love!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Psychic Tip of the Day - Scrying

Can you believe it is October? 
During this time of year October and November the veils to different places are thin. This is why we 'see', 'hear' or 'sense' energies we might not have before. This is a great time to practice connecting to your guides and angels for direction in your life. This month for the Psychic Tip of the day I will be writing about how you can make those connections. 
This week we are going to scry. Scrying is an ancient way of 'seeing', You know the saying - Magic Mirror on the wall . . . Well thats what we are doing today except we will be asking to see our guides and angels. When we actually see these wondrous being of light it helps our connection to them. 

This is what you do - 

  • Look into the mirror in your bathroom - I intend to see for my highest and greatest good.
  • Close your eyes, take a breathe and quiet your mind.
  • Ask your guides and angels to gather around you.
  • Open your eyes, focus on your chin or forehead.
  • You may see out of the corner of your eyes little flickers. Take a breath and connect with the flickers. You may start to 'see' or 'feel' your guides and angels around you. 

Try this every day! 

The first time I tried it I saw my face get really old. I was relieved as I want to be on the planet for a while. I still have plenty of things to do! If your face changes allow the change. When Donna looks in the mirror she sees herself as a tiger. That is very cool!

So during this time while the veils are thin Scry - look in the mirror and connect with your spirit guides or angels! Keep practicing! Write down your experiences and practice! 

Let me know what your experiences are!

Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls

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