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How Can Gratitude Rewire your Brain?

Last year we learned we can rewire our brain by changing our thoughts and being present. Remember our meditation of 3 min, 5 min, 7 min and 10 min? We allowed our thoughts to spin without judgement or connecting to them. The practice helped us feel better! Check out Being Supernatural By Joe Dispenza it will help you understand how your brain works and balancing the chemicals in your brain for healthier life. 'Improved mental health. If you’re struggling with anxiety or depression, gratitude might be the last thing on your mind. However, as it turns out, gratitude could be a key component of helping with your mental health. One study showed participants who wrote gratitude letters regularly displayed significantly better mental health than those who didn’t. In fact, brain scans suggest gratitude might even have the power to rewire our brains for the better. Improved physical health. Better sleep and immunity? Gratitude has been shown to help with both , and may even be linked

How To Read a Haunting

  Tonight we are going to talk about how to read a haunting - for those of you who are looking for a house or are realtors this will be helpful information for you.  Here are the states that realtors have to disclose paranormal activity -  Massachusettes Michigan Minnesota New Jersey New York Those are the only states that have to let you know there is paranormal activity in the home.  Keith Linder is the author of  The Bothel Hell House - Poltergeist if Washington State This is a true story - Keith rented a house which had poltergeist activity in the house so bad the house was wrecked everyday, including the living room couch being moved across the room. He lived there for several years, trying to figure out what was going on in the house. Check out Keith Linder on Youtube and Amazon. He documented his life in the house. The realtor said nothing about the house having paranormal acti

Mediumship - What is it?

Ether/Etheric: The Fifth Element. The place where Akashic information is stored. It is all around us. Psychic: A person sensitive to natural laws and attraction. Medium: Etheric Information Gatherer Higher Self: the eternal core/essence of every living being. Telepathy: Communication between minds. There are some people who think being intuitive means you are telepathic and can read minds. To be honest being intuitive isn't being telepathic.  Being psychic or intuitive means to me that I can see past the physical and into the etheric realm to assist with answering your questions. Honestly I don't want to know your thoughts, they are yours, just as my thoughts are mine.  Mediumship is so much more than just speaking to ghosts. Although, going on paranormal investigations is interesting and understand a haunting is fun. That is not all a psychic medium is, there is a lot more to it.  Mediumship is an etheric information gatherer depending on the questions being asked

Thinning of the Veils - Ancestors

Who are our ancestors? They are family members who have passed through the veils. Some of our ancestors help us on our journey. They give guidance and comfort.  Some of us have ancestors - grandparents, aunties, uncles, siblings etc who have passed on and perhaps had attitude issues.  Some of you have asked me if your ancestor line is cursed.  First you or your family can only be cursed if you believe it. Sometimes what happens is there is a rumor of being cursed and family members, believe it and spread that poison through the ancestor lines.   This belief can become truth if enforced by family members.  How can you change this? You can break the chain of the curse by not believing it. Not blaming your failures on the curse. Take responsibility for your own actions.  For those of us who have a family past and present who have bad attitudes - For example my grandparents. I was raised by my Mom, grandmother and great gran. Yep! My great gran and gran were not the most optimisti

Astrology for the United States

To Get us ready for July 4th our nations birthday I asked Kendra to help us understand our nations birthdate and give us some insight on what we have to look forward to. You can check out Kendra on Facebook & Instagram, social media links are below.  This is a great show and will help you understand what the energy was like in the past and present in the Unites States  Let me know what you think of this show! Kendra Lockhart -  Kendra Lockhart is a metaphysical facilitator and educator. She has been guiding people for 25 years through intuition, divination, and shadow integration around the world. With both practical and playful education styles, Kendra has helped hundreds of students and clients close the gap from self to soul, and optimize the way we are designed at the highest level. Kendra lives in Chicago, and loves passing along the wisdom and wonder from her life's work to the collective. When not working, she can be found making wedding bands, on the dance floor, th

Sacred Sites - Hiroshima & 9/11 Memorial

What both of these sites offer you -  Coming to terms with the unbearable Help with mourning and moving on from loss Honors those who have passes on  The power of friendship and courage Forgiveness and Peace Reexamination of larger priorities  August 6, 1945 Hiroshima (78 Years ago)   Were you alive when this happened? Do you remember? How did it affect you?  Like most strategic bombing during World War II, the aim of the air offensive against Japan was to destroy the enemy's war industries, kill or disable civilian employees of these industries, and undermine civilian morale. 0245 - the B-29 Superfortress Enola Gay lift off the Tinian with the uranium bomb ‘Little Boy’ aboard. The Enola Gay is accompanied by The Great Artiste & Necessary Evil 0320 Little Boy is armed 0730 Enola Gay Captain Paul Tibbets announces to the crew - We are carrying the world’s first atomic bomb. 0809 Air raid sirens begin in Hiroshima 0912 Enola Gay bombardier Thomas Ferebee takes control of the airc