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The Three Maji & Angel Messages

  3 kings, 3 wisemen, 3maji - who were they?  Here is some pretty interesting history. I have included the video on this blog so you can watch it. Join the channel it is really informative, especially if you like history!   Let’s talk about Herod - Herods life was recorded everything he did, everywhere he went and the laws he upheld.  If there were Three kings who went to visit Herod it would have been a big event and chronicled by his scribes. That is a huge brag to be visited by three kings and there would have been events happening when the kings visited.  There is nothing in his history that says Herod ordered all the babies to be murdered because they might be the 'king of the Jews'.  I am not saying Herod was a nice guy. He was a ruthless politician. The land he ruled was also under Rome, during Julius Caesar’s lifetime. The Romans were all about writing their histories.  Now that we have got Herod down, let’s look at the beginnings of Christianity - there was ab

Magnetism - Message from Archeia Hope

  Magnetism what is it? It is the ability to attract.  There are many magnetic people we know of, Wayne Dyer , Melinda Carver  - These people are empathic, intuitive and charming. They can help us on our life path.  The practice of Unconditional Love is essential to life and it is easy. Remember you can love someone and not agree with them. Unconditional Love for self is really important to being magnetic.  So many of you are working on manifesting different things in your life - the recipe for manifesting is Magnetism and Unconditional Love. These two vibrations can help us really live the life we desire. Self Love is important - remember when you practice self love, you glow - your energy or auric field is full and beautiful.  Here are some ways to practice - practice empathy - be a compassionate and understanding communicator.   You are a wealth of knowledge and experience. Share your time selflessly with people to assist them on their path.  Acts of kindness - remembe

Astrology for December with Kendra Lockhart!

December is full of shifting energies as the planets move through our solar system!  Kendra explains everything during the Astrology Show!  Mercury is going into retrograde this month, however, Kendra has good news about this particular mercury in retrograde! Venus moves into Sagittarius! Thats great news for all of us! Get your calendars out and take some notes while Kendra walks us through December and gives us great advice and helps us move through December with ease and grace! Check out the video and let me know what you think! Have a great week! Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!  

How Can Gratitude Rewire your Brain?

Last year we learned we can rewire our brain by changing our thoughts and being present. Remember our meditation of 3 min, 5 min, 7 min and 10 min? We allowed our thoughts to spin without judgement or connecting to them. The practice helped us feel better! Check out Being Supernatural By Joe Dispenza it will help you understand how your brain works and balancing the chemicals in your brain for healthier life. 'Improved mental health. If you’re struggling with anxiety or depression, gratitude might be the last thing on your mind. However, as it turns out, gratitude could be a key component of helping with your mental health. One study showed participants who wrote gratitude letters regularly displayed significantly better mental health than those who didn’t. In fact, brain scans suggest gratitude might even have the power to rewire our brains for the better. Improved physical health. Better sleep and immunity? Gratitude has been shown to help with both , and may even be linked

How To Read a Haunting

  Tonight we are going to talk about how to read a haunting - for those of you who are looking for a house or are realtors this will be helpful information for you.  Here are the states that realtors have to disclose paranormal activity -  Massachusettes Michigan Minnesota New Jersey New York Those are the only states that have to let you know there is paranormal activity in the home.  Keith Linder is the author of  The Bothel Hell House - Poltergeist if Washington State This is a true story - Keith rented a house which had poltergeist activity in the house so bad the house was wrecked everyday, including the living room couch being moved across the room. He lived there for several years, trying to figure out what was going on in the house. Check out Keith Linder on Youtube and Amazon. He documented his life in the house. The realtor said nothing about the house having paranormal acti