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Psychic Tip of the Day - Psychic Kids

Surrounding yourselves with an energetic egg can help very much with keeping the disincarnates (ghosts) at a distance. Visualize an egg of any color surrounding your physical body with the intention of keeping away disincarnates. Eggs are slippery, so if a disincarnate tries to attach to you it will slip away. Remember to do this every day. This helps you with your focus on being clear in your thoughts and emotions.  When you start feeling emotions and thoughts that are not your norm, check your energetic egg, make sure it is in place. Remember you are the one in control. You are the one who makes the choice of being clear. The energetic egg will help you stay grounded and centered so you can make decisions with your intuitive gifts.   Remember you are a Child of the Creator and you can vanquish these beings by saying so - I am a Child of God/Goddess Be Gone!  They will leave you. The Water Fall of Light Keep your living space clean and clear. Spirits