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Ostara - Spring Goddess

  Ostara - German Eostre - Anglo Saxon  Radiant Goddess of the dawn & Spring  Eggs - Fertility Rabbits - Fertility  Bede -circa 700 A.D. The Reckoning of Time - later canonized as a Saint Bede is from Northumbria, England. He is a researcher and historian, he is venerated in the Roman Catholic Church Eastern Orthodox Church, Anglican Communion and Lutheranism. Pope Leo XIII declared Bede a Doctor of the Church. His shrine is at Durham Cathedral, England. Bede collected stories from the people of England and wrote them in his book - The Reckoning of Time, Ecclesiastical History of the English People, He was one of the greatest writers of the early middle ages. I am introducing Bede to you as he is a great reference of that day. He helped me today with writing about Ostara.  As with all mythology there are very vague descriptions of the deities. The deities virtues are combined. Thats why I decided to create videos about the deities.   During ancient times the people of

Brigid Goddess of Spring & Saint Brigid

Exalted One   Irelands Patron Saint - Imbolc - St Brigid day born in 451 A.D. died 2/1 (?) Kildare - St. Bigids Cathedral - Where the nuns keep the eternal fire of Brigid. Brigid became a catholic saint and the holidays celebrating Brigid the Goddess and saint overlap.  1223 norman Original - wooden church.   Rebuilt 1886  ‘She is so popular the Christians made her a saint, because the Irish would not stop asking for her favor in healing. She is associated with healing wells’ - Kildare St. Brigid’s Mother was a slave taken from Scotland, Pictish woman of Chief of Leinster. Being traded and abused.  Brigid is born into slavery. Her mother was sold to a druid. Brigid’s mother became a Christian. Brigid was raised to understand the ways of the druid and Christian.  Brigid is the daughter of chief of Leinster. From what I gather she was ornery and did things like sell her father’s sward. Which got her in a lot of trouble.  Brigid joined the church after she ran away from her

Newgrange, Ireland

  New Grange, Boyne Valley, Ireland - Megalithic Portal  Unesco World Heritage site. What this site offers you -  Deep awareness of the ancient past Reconnection to Irish ancestry Fertilization by the light of the Sun and Moon Renewal Creativity    This Megalithic Portal is older than most ancient buildings. 5000 years ago  200,000 tons of rocks - precisely cut. No leaks in the roof! Lots of spiral or circular carvings on the stone outside and within Newgrange. The monument is 11 meters above the ground 80 meters across with 97 curbstones on the outside. Crushed white quartz coats the outside of Newgrange giving it the luminescent quality.  The stones were found, Wicklow Mountain, County Down Mourn Mountain, gravel from and ancient pit. The stones were transported from the Boyne river, then drop up the slope.  The Beaker People built the stone circle around Newgrange burying animals in the circle. The Beaker people are known for their beaker pottery, drinking vessels.