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Psychic Tip of the Day - Going Vertical

Last Sunday night on A Gang of Girls Radio we learned about energy and how we can maintain our energy.  One of the ideas or concepts that we focused on was redirecting, deflecting, cutting cords to energetic or psychic vampires.   We discussed keeping your energy field clear, we did the Centering and Balancing meditation with the added bonus of clearing the heart. You can practice this meditation daily, several times a day -  Here is it -  In the second hour of the show we spoke about cutting energetic cords and I walked you through a cord cutting. It is important that you cut cords every day. Every time you make a big change in your life, have a healer do a cord cutting ceremony. That way you can maintain your energy and universal energy is always flowing through you. That way you are always feeling good about how you feel about yourself! Here is the invocation -  Invocation - I invite & Invoke Arch Angel Michael to cut and Cauterize all co

Make Love Month Every Month

I am the hostess of A Gang of Girls Radio on Sunday nights. Every February, I promote as Love Month. The reason why I do this is to help everyone including me remember that every month, day should be celebrated through love.  My favorite saying is - Keep your hearts open and aligned with the energy of Love. It is an intention created some years ago by my good friend, Vicki. It is a powerful intention, as we know Love is the energy that can heal all wounds, starting with the heart. When we start to heal our hearts, learn how to be discerning, understanding, compassionate and more, thats when we start to really feel the love we have for ourselves and others.  Here are some handy tips to help you with feeling love for yourself, the love around you and drawing love to you. When your Heart Chakra is open and aligned with the energy of love, you will glow, when you glow, you attract others who are at the same or higher frequency as you. This gives you an opportunit