Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cosmic Tip of the Day - Lord Melchizedek

IAM Lord Melchizedek, King of Righteousness and Peace! I am an Elohim, I stand in the presence of the Creator Gods I sing the song of Love and Devotion.

Love and Devotion are the healing resonances of this planet Earth. Through this Channel, Auriel Grace we teach of how Love and Devotion can transform and heal all wounds.

Focus your thoughts of Love and Devotion onto yourself, your family, your projects, your friends every day. You will see change, healing. Remember not to control the change to your human will. Do not put your limitations on the change.  Leave the healing to Divine Will, align with your Higher Heart and allow change.

How do you do this?

You take a breath and connect with your heart. Feel yourself move into a place of Love. Set your Intention, let go of the outcome and watch as miracles begin to happen. Very simple and beautiful!
Do this every day, you will see change!

Auriel Grace – Channel for my Beloved Lord Melchizedek

Archeia - Divine Compliments of the Arch Angels

The Archeia are the Divine Compliments of the Arch Angels. They are a vibration, a resonance.

Archeia Hope, Divine Compliment of the Arch Angel Gabriel

I assist as a messenger to the Planet Earth. My specific messages or focus is assisting everyone on their path.  I am the Energy that brings forth your intentions for your life.  I assist you in clearing out thoughts and ideas that do not serve you and bring you in alignment with the reasons why you came onto this planet in this lifetime, your mission(s).  

I assist with the well being and protection of children and innocents.

I AM also a Cosmic Being, in this vibration I deliver my messages by inviting and invoking you to ‘hear’ the messages in their purest form.  As a Cosmic Being, I remind you Earth is a ‘Free Will’ planet. This is your schoolhouse and playground, you are constantly learning, expanding and growing, how wondrous and exciting is that?

Archeia Faith, Divine Compliment of the Arch Angel Michael

On a personal level, I assist you with releasing disincarnates and other beings from your past and present to clear your energetic field and assist with the maintenance of it. I assist you with the healing of your past and present hurts by filling you with Divine Light.  I remind you that you are as Divine as the Source(s) that made you and to use discernment when making decisions. I assist you with moving out of fear and into the Light of Love.

Archeia Grace, Divine Compliment of the Arch Angel Uriel

I AM Grace. I assist you with the understanding and use of the Equal Exchange of Energy and Balance in all aspects of your life. I also remind you to be discerning instead of judgment. Judgment is harsh and unyielding, flexibility, wisdom, truth, healing, mercy, compassion are all acts of Grace.

I remind you have the gift of ‘Free Will’ on this planet; you can renegotiate your contracts at anytime.

I inspire you to seek, admire and share all aspects of beauty and wonderment on the Planet Earth.

Archeia Joy, Divine Compliment of the Arch Angel Raphael

I AM Joy! It is my focus to assist you with your healing on all levels, through space and time. As you heal your hurts, your world heals as well. We remind you that you are responsible for yourself first and above all circumstances.  Once you realize and start using this concept, many of your personal burdens will be lifted.

We have used Human forms many times to bring energy to groups and the Earth. We have a great understanding of the Human condition on all levels.  We remind you that Earth and its inhabitants are always in a state of movement, chaos, flux etc. Some of it is natural and some you have brought upon yourselves as this is a ‘Free Will’ planet.  Use your ‘Free Will’ to heal yourself and by doing so you heal everyone you are connected too!

Auriel Grace - Channel for the Archeia

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