Thursday, February 28, 2019

Keep the Love Flowing & Going

Here are some handy tips to keep the love flowing through out the year. 

Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of love. If you feel anxious, fearful, stressed, depressed, connect to your Heart chakra and breath light into it. Keep breathing light into the chakra until you start to feel better. Allow the energy of Love to flow through you and all around you. 

Remember - Fear is the absence of Love. Be Love!

The Heart Chakra is the mediator for the other chakras, keeping the energy flowing and nurturing. 

Remember to send Love through your heart strings that reside within your heart chakra. Focus on your heart chakra. You will feel or see the golden strings. Think about how much you love your family and friends and start sending loving energy out to them through the strings. You will 'know' when to stop. 

Random Acts of Kindness are wonderful and fill you and others with Gratitude. 
Breathe in Love exhale Gratitude!

Love and honor yourself first. Do nice things for yourself.  Fall in love with you!

Take time to develop interests, honor yourself, so others will honor you. 

Remember to set up healthy boundaries for yourself and others, this helps with self respect. 

Love is fierce and sometimes we have to be fierce with our love to help others. Be courageous and stand up for yourself, you are truly the only one who can do that for you.  

Visualize pink energy blankets around those people you come in contact with who are having a bad day and watch as they settle down and start to shift into a better place. That is a very loving thing to do for others. 

When you practice these very simple handy tips you Glow. When you are glowing you attract Love. There is more than enough Love energy to go around!

Spread the Love by keeping your heart open and aligned with the energy of Love!

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Friday, February 1, 2019

Psychic Tip of the Day - Pink Energy Blankets

A couple of weeks ago, Archeia Hope mentioned energy practice by visualizing the United States in a pink energy blanket to bring about love, peace and unity to the United States or any country of the world. 

This is what you do - 

Visualize a map of the United States or any country you are working with, blanketed in pink and hold the visual while feeling Love for the land, the people, the government etc.

You can do this every day, any day, for any amount of time. For those of you that do Reiki, use the Reiki II symbols by placing them on the map while you are feeling and sending Love. For those of you who are Deeksha Blessing givers, give a Deeksha blessing while sending Love. 

Here is what it looks like - 
Spin a vortex to clear your energy field
Fill yourself with light
Say this Mantra while connecting to your Heart Chakra and breathing Light into your chakra
- I am Love, 
Visualize your country, state, town, family, friends etc and release the energy of Love to your target. 
Do this for however long you feel comfortable doing it. 

Remember Energy is Energy, it has no limits or boundaries, so for those who are open to receive Love, they will absorb and utilize the energy for their higher and better good. 

Think about this, if we all did this on daily, what do you think would happen?

Happy LOVE Month!
Keep your Heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE

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