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Archeia Hope's Message for 2017

Greetings. We are the Archeia Hope, Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Gabriel, Our Beloved!
We have messages for you from the Arch Angels, Archeia and Angels! 
We want to start off with, yes we hear your prayers and intentions. We are assisting you on a personal level and globally! 
Our messages today will assist you through your 2017. 
We understand the years leading up to 2017 have been very chaotic globally for you and all living beings on Earth. 
ISIS - Islamic State of Iraq and Syria - It will take years to bring these people to justice, to calm the middle eastern countries. We ask you to pray for these people, send prayers of love to them. There are many already who pray for a resolution to this conflict. Continue to do so. We also ask you to be aware of where you are when traveling. Be aware of who is around you and what is going on. Be present. It can and will save your life. 
Be aware of China. 
Many truths about governments are coming to the surface and you are seeing the corruption.…

Angels A Psychic's Story

I have lived an amazing life. I have lived in many different places and learned from many cultures here in the United States. 
I feel like I started my spiritual journey consciously in my early twenties. My cousin, Pol, used to channel an entity names Atu. I found it truly fascinating this being of light was unconditional and no question a person would ask was too small. 
I started looking into the metaphysical learning about crystals, then making jewelry, intuitive readings and educating myself. Back then there wasn't alot of information about being psychic. There was no internet, not really too many practical books. 
I have taught people all over the United States how to develop their intuitive/ healing abilities. It has taught me as well how to be more compassionate and understanding. 
With the Psychic Story Series I am sharing what I have learned with you. Haunted - A Psychic's Story gave you practical advice and examples of Hauntings for you to consider.
Angels - A Psychic Sto…

A Psychic's Story

A Psychic's Story Series is a break down of all of the spiritual, metaphysical, holistic, paranormal and more adventures and teachings I can write about. There will be twelve book in this series that will cover, intuition, mediumship, Angels, Ascended Masters, chakras, energy, reiki, healing modalities, soul retrieval, archetypes, business and etiquette and more. I hope you enjoy them. I will be letting you know through this blog when the books are published so you can check them out to see if they resonate with you. 
The first book in the series is - 

Haunted covers some adventures I have had in the paranormal world. I also bring in the Angels that help me with clearing haunted places, people and objects. It is a helpful guide for those of you interested in this field. 
It is a kindle book .If you do not have a kindle you can get the Kindle App to use to read A Psychic Story Series. I am so excited as Haunted has taken off on the kindle!
Why do I publish on the Kindle? I publish on t…

Psychic Tip of the Day - Trump - Spiritually Speaking

I have been thinking about this post for about two weeks. During readings many of my clients were asking if I knew who would win the election. I have felt that it was a close race. I asked Lucy Zolonga about it. She is an astrologer and she also agreed it will be a close race. I didn't vote for either one of them. 
Yes Trump one the election. Yes there are people upset. Yes I feel like the upset will continue.
There is a lot of fear of the Republicans rolling the USA backwards. 
That's what it is. Stop being afraid and take action. 
This is my intuitive suggestion to you. Continue to raise your voices. Raise your voices with intellegence and be heart felt. Do not protest because you fear your rights will be taken from you. Protest because this is America and you have the right to be heard. It is up to the people of the United Staes to come together in Unity and accept each others differences and allow those differences. It is up to us to maintain our rights as citizens of…

Psychic Tip of the Day - Guardian Angels

The veils between worlds are thin until the first week of November. Now is the time to start practicing connecting to your spirit guides and angels.

Today we are going to be connecting to our Guardian Angel(s).

You can have more than one Guardian Angel. Arch Angel Michael and Archeia Faith oversee the guardians. Yes Guardians can appear to be female, male, animal, they can take on many forms. They are our guard, guides and protectors. Our guardians send us signs and symbols and talk to us about what is for our highest good and what isn't for our highest good. They can warn us during situations when we REALLY need to be present.

My Guardian Angel is Lord Damiel, he is a big warrior Guardian Angel. He growls when I need to pay attention. When I really need to pay attention I hear steel slamming down. That is the sound of his wings protecting me. Lord Damiel is a great protector, he is also a great advisor.

So how do you know this, Auriel?

I practiced connecting with my angels. I am a cur…

For You to Review

I have been busy writing my latest book these past weeks. Thats why you haven't seen the Psychic Tip of the Day! This is the time of year when I receive messages about what and how to present handy psychic tips. While I was asking for direction from my guides and angels, I kept hearing i needed to start pulling together what I have taught in workshops and written to create a series of books for you. The First book is called Haunted - A Psychic's Story. I will be releasing it in the Kindle for Halloween 2016. I am really excited about it. There will be other books too in the Psychic's Story Series.  I am outlining them now. It will be fun to share them with you and hear what you have to say about them.
You have asked about the Lucy Prophet Psychic Girl series as well. The next Lucy Book will be available for Christmas. I am excited about this series as it is a contemporary story. 
What would you do if you won the lottery? 
The interesting part about Lucy Prophet Psychic Girl i…

Psychic Tip of the Day - Scrying

Can you believe it is October?  During this time of year October and November the veils to different places are thin. This is why we 'see', 'hear' or 'sense' energies we might not have before. This is a great time to practice connecting to your guides and angels for direction in your life. This month for the Psychic Tip of the day I will be writing about how you can make those connections.  This week we are going to scry. Scrying is an ancient way of 'seeing', You know the saying - Magic Mirror on the wall . . . Well thats what we are doing today except we will be asking to see our guides and angels. When we actually see these wondrous being of light it helps our connection to them. 
This is what you do - 

Look into the mirror in your bathroom - I intend to see for my highest and greatest good.Close your eyes, take a breathe and quiet your mind.Ask your guides and angels to gather around you.Open your eyes, focus on your chin or forehead.You may see out of …

Psychic Tip Of the Day - Harvest Time - Equinox . . .

What do your harvests look like this year? 
Are you counting your blessings? 
Or Are they too numerous to count?

September is the time of year I take time to look at the year and look at what I have accomplished. What intentions came into fruition. What I am grateful for, past present and future. 
I have written a lot about intention and gratitude, manifesting your life in this blog.
I have much to be grateful for. I truly believe thats where the magic to manifesting is. Is being in a place of gratitude for your life. Asking the Universe for the highest good to come into your life.  
Yes I do question the strategy of the Universe as I am stumped sometimes as to how events turn out.
I am always reminded that this is a 'Free Will Planet', sometimes our partners, friends business acquaintances opt out. Then we are creating a new strategy with the Universe to keep up on our 'Soul's Journey'.  
This year has been a wild and crazy year for me. Whatever I intended for as I look …

Psychic Tip of the Day - Our Environment

Do you remember when your Mom used to tell you to pick up the trash, don’t litter, clean up after yourself. Eat all of your food and be grateful?
I remember collecting soda bottles to return to the store for a nickel or less to buy candy.

When I was a child everything was used. My mother and grandmother’s found a use for everything.
Growing up like this helped me be resourceful, get as many uses out of one thing that I could before it went into the trash. You might think- WOW! Auriel must be a hoarder!
I am not a hoarder. I do not keep things. I recycle, reuse, reinvent, donate etc.
When I lived in New Mexico and Colorado I saw the most interesting homes. There were homes made from adobe, earth bricks, earth ships, eco houses and more. 
I learned about how a home can sustain itself by how it is made.  I lived in a off the grid house for about eighteen months. My experience with this particular house was enlightening and frustrating. This particular time really made me aware of how much I…