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Power & Empowerment

We are Alaria BrightStar, we are here to assist with Power and Empowerment. On your Earth at this time you are starting to realize how powerful you are. You are looking around and seeing the imbalance of your world. You are starting to strive for balance. The Occupation of your places such as Wall Street New York is a wondrous idea and the Occupation needs your support, your nurturing and maturity for it to be effective. You want a better world? Support the efforts of those who occupy Wall Street all over the Earth. This is a time when the Media can assist. Your Social Networks, video, even your cell phones can assist you in getting the word out about this idea and what is happening around the world! Be intelligent with the Occupation. Make it peaceful. Unify! Create a council, get organized, let the world know what your intentions are. When the mass gathers with similar intentions change will happen, allow it . March, stand and sit at the headquarters of your Ban


Clarity Gaining clarity and focus is a practice especially in this world with so many situations happening at once. Many people feel like they do not have control over their lives. You do. You must decide what is important to you and how you want your life. Then follow through with common sense and inner guidance. You know what inner guidance is, it is the message that comes into your mind that elevates and inspires you. Everyone has guides and angels. Take a breath and focus on those wondrous beings. Have them stroke your cheek or hand to let you know they are there. Sit quietly with pen and paper and allow them to write their messages to you. There are guides and angels created just for you to assist you in your everyday life. They are there to guide you on your journey, keep you healthy, mind, body and spirit. All you have to do is open yourself to that guidance. Use the previous meditation blog to assist you in opening yourself up to the messages from your

Setting Boundaries with Family Members

There are so many different kinds of people on this Earth. There are different kinds of families and traditions. We choose to be born into these families so we can learn lessons. Recently I have worked with families who are learning to set up boundaries and discipline themselves to keep the boundaries in place until there is resolution within the family. I am a single mother, I have raised four children and helped teenagers along the way. The first set of teenagers I worked with were runaways. They ran from abusive parents. I worked with the families to help set up boundaries so healing could occur specifically for the young people. I am changing the name of the one of kids, here is her story – Cassidy Cassidy had a history of drug abuse. Her parents were very religious and had very harsh expectations from their children, father was an alcoholic. Cassidy was the youngest and a daughter.   She was sixteen when she came into my life. At first Cassidy did not want me to co

The Archeia - Divine Compliments of the Arch Angels

I am a trance channel. What is a Trance Channel? A trance channel is a person who fully incorporates an Ascended Master, Angelic or Cosmic Being. I fully incorporate the Archeia and an Ascended Master. The Archeia are the Divine Compliments of the Arch Angels. The Archeia messages are about positive ways to empower the self. The Archeia are a resonance or vibration.  Archeia Faith is the Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Michael. Faith will speak about Angels and how their focus is to serve mankind for the highest and greatest good. Her message is how to honor your agreements you made before you came into this life. She gives especial blessings or messages for you of clearing out all ideas and thought patterns that no longer serve you. She asks that you start to see all living souls are your Soul Mates, see the specialness in all souls including your own.  Archeia Grace is the Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Uriel. She teaches us about the equal exchange of energy a

Psychic Tip of the Day - Energy Field

*In this day and age you have forgotten you were created from love, joy; wonder…This is at the core of your being. Humans have created a hard core of duality around themselves. It is time now to shed your shell and get to your Core! * The Archeia, Divine Compliments of the Arch Angels. The most important concept of being and Intuitive and or Medium is staying clear in mind body and spirit.   Keeping the personal self clear is very important. Here is one way of doing that. Take a deep breath. Breathe in your favorite color and start to fill yourself with the color. Start with your toes. Keep filling your physical body with the color until you are full. When you can see the color coming out the ends of your hair and the pores of your skin, you’re present and in your body. Breathe deep and visualize a tornado around you. As you breathe allow that tornado to pull from you all those thoughts and emotions that are not serving you. Release those bits and pieces from your fiel

Angelic Tip of the Day - Invocation

Arch Angel Michael, Archeia Faith Angel – Beings of Pure Light and Love who serve as the messengers from our Divine Source. They are the Divine Messengers. Arch Angel Michael and Archeia Faith are the Angels of Protection. When I do clearings I always invite and invoke Arch Angel Michael and Archeia Faith to come and help me with the project or person. When you invite and invoke them for protection you will feel them move next to you and help you in what you are doing. I invite and invoke Arch Angel Michael and Archeia Faith to come and protect my house for the highest greatest good of myself and my family. Guide guard and protect myself, spouse and children always. Thank you! When you ask them to protect your house you will see a fence of Angels surrounding your house. You may even see them standing on the rooftop. If you move invite Arch Angel Michael and Archeia Faith to follow you to protect your next house. Remember to greet them and always give

Psychic Tip of the Day - Psychic Kids

Some of the people and children who have ADHD and ADD are the result of our technical age. I have experience working with adults and kids who have this experience in their lives. This experience is caused by over stimulation, trauma, spirit attachments, lack of good food and chemical imbalance in the brain. When a person is over stimulated from too many computer games or television this can cause a lack of focus. Limit time playing games and watching television. Diet is a huge cause of this imbalance also.  Stop eating processed foods, high fructose corn syrup is poison. Processed foods are bad for the physical body and the physical body does not know what to do with them. This includes diet foods and drinks. If you want to go on a diet start eating good fruits and vegetables, chicken, turkey, fish. The poultry and fish have fewer hormones in them and are easier on the body and mind. A cow has a lot of hormones and can cause imbalance. This is for children and a

Angelic Tip of the Day - Love!

Today we say go into the world and listen to your heart all day long. It is a   practice as human beings like to judge every action. So today you are moving   from your heart. It is easy to do, when you allow it. This helps with the deepening of your Intuition. When your heart is open and you   are looking about your world with wonder every sense changes and you will find   the synchronicity of all. Every detail has a way of working itself out.   So take a deep breath open your heart and move from there today - allow yourself   the ease and grace that comes with it. Love yourself enough to stay in this   space all the time. It is a practice. When you find yourself sitting in judgement of the self, take a breath, connect   to your divinity and start moving again. You will see the difference everyday   will become easier for you to see, feel and hear. Remember - All you need is love! You   are love! You are creators and you can achieve all of your heart’s desire and   more!

Angelic Tip of the Day - Forgiveness

Today we want you to look deeply at your relationship with yourself. Being clear   about the self is very important in the work you will do. As you can read   yourself clearly so you will be able to read others and receive clear information for them. This is helpful in accessing Universal Knowledge. What is Universal Knowledge? It is the energy that is all around you all of the   time. It is the information you need to live your lives and to be helpful to   others. When you do a reading or a healing you are accessing. For this knowledge   to be pure you need to have a good relationship with the self.   So you say how do I release that which does not serve me. Auriel says a simple way is to write a time line of your life. So start with   your first memories, whatever date that is and move forward. Above the timeline   write down the wondrous memories. Below write down the hurts. Be honest, love   yourself enough to allow and flow with this idea of release. When you are thro

Ascended Master's Tip of the Day - Clarity

Now is the time to be rid of all of the ideas and ways that are not serving you   at this time. It is time for you to look at your life and start making decisions   as to how to create a life that truly resonates with you. We will ask you some   questions, please be present, pay attention to your multidimensional body as you   answer these questions. How do you feel in this moment? Why? Have you forgiven all trespasses against your heart and being? If not, why? Are you afraid? What are you afraid of? Why? Your heart must be fully opened to do the work in which you have asked to do.   Open your heart, allow yourself to be the multidimensional person you are. Allow   yourself to be honest with yourself while you answer those questions. Do not   control or limit your answers.   Look to the people in your life, why are they there?   Do you truly love them unconditionally?   Do you enjoy being in their presence? Being present with them? Have you forgiven them for their