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Angelic Tip of the Day - Love!

Today we say go into the world and listen to your heart all day long. It is apractice as human beings like to judge every action. So today you are movingfrom your heart. It is easy to do, when you allow it.

This helps with the deepening of your Intuition. When your heart is open and youare looking about your world with wonder every sense changes and you will findthe synchronicity of all. Every detail has a way of working itself out.

So take a deep breath open your heart and move from there today - allow yourselfthe ease and grace that comes with it. Love yourself enough to stay in thisspace all the time. It is a practice.

When you find yourself sitting in judgement of the self, take a breath, connectto your divinity and start moving again. You will see the difference everydaywill become easier for you to see, feel and hear.

Remember - All you need is love! Youare love! You are creators and you can achieve all of your heart’s desire andmore!

Love to you!

Archeia Hope, Divine Messenger
Auriel …

Angelic Tip of the Day - Forgiveness

Today we want you to look deeply at your relationship with yourself. Being clearabout the self is very important in the work you will do. As you can readyourself clearly so you will be able to read others and receive clear information for them. This is helpful in accessing Universal Knowledge.

What is Universal Knowledge? It is the energy that is all around you all of thetime. It is the information you need to live your lives and to be helpful toothers. When you do a reading or a healing you are accessing. For this knowledgeto be pure you need to have a good relationship with the self.

So you say how do I release that which does not serve me.

Auriel says a simple way is to write a time line of your life. So start withyour first memories, whatever date that is and move forward. Above the timelinewrite down the wondrous memories. Below write down the hurts. Be honest, loveyourself enough to allow and flow with this idea of release. When you are through with the timeline look at the hurts, g…

Ascended Master's Tip of the Day - Clarity

Now is the time to be rid of all of the ideas and ways that are not serving youat this time. It is time for you to look at your life and start making decisionsas to how to create a life that truly resonates with you. We will ask you somequestions, please be present, pay attention to your multidimensional body as youanswer these questions.

How do you feel in this moment? Why? Have you forgiven all trespasses against your heart and being? If not, why? Are you afraid? What are you afraid of? Why?

Your heart must be fully opened to do the work in which you have asked to do.Open your heart, allow yourself to be the multidimensional person you are. Allowyourself to be honest with yourself while you answer those questions. Do notcontrol or limit your answers.

Look to the people in your life, why are they there? Do you truly love them unconditionally? Do you enjoy being in their presence? Being present with them? Have you forgiven them for their trespasses against you? Have you forgiven yourself any tr…