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This month we did a series on Facebook about some of the Archangels! It was very fun for me to speak about one of my favorite topics!  We spoke about Archangel Michael and his guardians and how all of us have at least one guardian angel.  Archangel Gabriel and his messenger angels.  Then we spoke about the wisdom of Archangel Uriel and how he can help us with strategy and planning.   Archangel Raphael and how he and his angels assist with healing.  Archangel Chamuel and how he assists with bringing peace to our relationships.  The archangel of Compassion and Mercy Azreal.  The angels want you to know you are worthy of their love and attention. They are here to assist you with your life, to bring ease and grace to you.  Remember to ask for assistance and be open to how that assistance come to you!  Enjoy the videos! Let me know what you think! Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of LOVE! Auriel Grace

Welcome November - Gratitude Month!

It's Gratitude Month! What are you grateful for?  Many people have asked me, how can you be happy and content? Yes, I have had many obstacles in my life. With each obstacle, I pause and reflect on what I am grateful for. It brings me to the present moment. so I can strategize through the obstacle and be on my way.  Gratitude helps us stay in the moment, no matter how painful that moment is. It helps us open up to the blessings of the Universe, when we are open to those Universal Blessings, our resonance rises and our navigation through life is easier, kinder, more loving.  Try writing down what you are grateful for this month, do it every day. See how it changes your perspective, it is easier to move on to better life situations, forgive, love and receive.  After practicing this for a month, your spirit guides and angels will encourage the practice, now that you are open to it. Your life, will change and you will be grateful for it.  You can check out th