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Psychic Tip of the Day- Taking Responsibility

The Universe wants you succeed in all of your endeavors. In my life I have come to realize this and trust that I will be provided for. I have traveled all over the United States working as an Intuitive Reader, Angelic Channel, Medium and Reiki Master. I have worked with people from all walks of life. The Universe has always provided for me and my children, I have a blessed life. During this time of change in our world there are many people wondering if they will be taken care of ~ Have Courage ~ you will be provided for. Ask the Universe to guide you, ask for signs, listen to your intuition and instinct. I know there is that Faith thing involved, perhaps trust is one of the issues you signed up to learn in this lifetime. Trusting the self often is the hardest concept we have in our lifetimes, dig down to your heart and see where that leads you. Be courageous and take a leap, it might be the start of a great adventure for you. The Universe loves it when we take action and e

Psychic Tip of the Day - Changing Your World

There is a lot of change going on in the world right now.  There many people wondering about their jobs, will they keep them or will they also be one of the many who will have to make a change? In this time there are many industries that are going through growing pains. These growing pains are caused by the masses (You and Me) who are expecting more out of our products and more for the environment. More of us are aware that there are better ways cars can operate, for example. I applaud those car manufacturers who are working on creating cars that run better and are cleaner. The companies who are supporting recycling, giving back to the community and those who are looking at alternate ways of power and heating their businesses, I salute you! Good for them and us too! Yes there have been layoffs, this is the question I have for people who have been laid off and are still looking for the same job, why are you looking for something that may not exist soon? Why aren’t you educatin