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Arch Angel Ariel - Appreciate Beauty in Nature

Arch Angel Ariel  - Appreciate Beauty in Nature Ariel, Appreciate Natural Beauty – We come here today to talk to you about appreciating natural beauty especially now during the winter. We know you all have windows in your homes and places of employment. We ask you to take a few minutes everyday to look outside those windows and take in the natural beauty around you and learn from it. Nature works with ease and grace. The ease in which plants grow is beautiful and flawless. There is great strength in the plant kingdom. You can see it when a dandelion can grow through concrete and survive through its life cycle. Admire the butterfly and its cycle. It does not struggle through from a caterpillar into a butterfly.  So we ask you humans why do you take on struggle, hardship, carry others burdens for them? Look at you, yourself and start to recognize and clear off energies that are not yours. Just that step brings you back into ease and grace. Remember it is

Archeia Hope's Advice for 2015

Archeia Hope's Advice for 2015 Last year Archeia Hope gave you a message for 2014. She decided to give you another message of Hope for 2015!  I am a trance Channel for the Archeia - the Divine Compliments of the Arch Angels. Archeia Hope is the Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Gabriel. They are the Messengers. Archeia Hope has many messages that are wise and wondrous! Enjoy! Auriel Grace A Gang of Girls Elevated Delights

Psychic Tip of the Day - Ancestral Clearing Meditation

Ancestral Clearing Meditation  This is a great meditation to use if you want to clear your blood/DNA lineage. Lady Nada inspired the box meditation. I used it for myself, mother, granmother, great grandmother etc. Now my relationship with my mother is awesome! Auriel Grace A Gang of Girls