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Norse Gods & the Nine Realms

Norse Mythology is one of my favorite subjects. We started our path  looking at the different mythologies, looking at the Anunnaki or our Extra Terrestrial brothers and sisters and asking how they came to earth and how many different ‘ races’ influence what we believe now.  The Norse Gods so far are the most cosmic, they are the closest to the Galactic Federation as we can get. “The Norse Gods are the Guardians of the Cosmos’. That quote and similar ones are used in many of the modern books about them.  The Norse Gods are immortal, they can be damaged and die from serious injury. Like many of the Gods we have spoke about from other pantheons. According to the myths the Gods died during Ragnorak - their end of the realms story, leaving only one female and one male to restart the population of a new realm. Their version of the Adam & Eve mythology?  Most of the legends and stories were not originally written, they were told orally by the storytellers within the Norse tribes. If

Sacred Sites - Sedona Arizona, Pipestone National monument

Sedona Arizona offers -  Connection to the awesome power of earth Psychic and Spiritual expansion Past life awareness Indian Legend states the Great Spirit gives birth to rainbows at Sedona’s vortices This is a place where the ley lines cross - energy meridians that encircle our planet. Which make this area such a powerful spot to experience.  Sandstone & Snow Quartz are the stones of Sedona  In Arizona there are a lot of mines. The land was once part of the ocean, so you will find seashells, fossils and also stones of volcanic nature - obsdian, apache tears, peridot etc Sandstone from Sedona holds the concentrated energy of the powerful multidimensional vortices and links to universal knowledge. It stimulates out of body journeying.  Other stones - Peridot, Quartz, turquoise, amethyst, shattuckite, ajoite Bell Rock is one of Sedona's most known Vortex Meditation sites. It is an Upflow area (also referred to as Electric or Masculine) that is best for serenity and solving proble

Guardian Angels & Meditation

  Spirit guides can be our ancestors, our pets, they can be all kids of beings from ascended masters, cosmic beings saints, people from past lives, they are here to assist us on our journey and remind us of our perfection and divinity. Allow their guidance -  Lady Nada & the pink Lightening Angels  & Lord Melchizedek (Elohim) assist me with these shows and writing books. They are the ones that assist me with all those wisdom nuggets. Our Spirit guides and Angels are awesome as they see us as being wondrous - They are here with us because they choose too and were created to serve mankind.  Angels are not religious beings Angels are Celestial Beings they are here to assist us for our highest and greatest good. They are not human and they do not have human habits.  The Archeia are the Divine Feminine Compliments of the Arch Angels. The Archeia and Arch Angels compliment each other and assist with the betterment of mankind.     Michael & Faith  Guardian Angels -  Col

Ley Lines, Spirit Guardians & More

  Ley Lines - Ley lines are alignments drawn between various historic structures and prominent landmarks. The idea was developed in early 20th-century Europe, with ley line believers arguing that these alignments were recognised by ancient societies that deliberately erected structures along them. Wikipedia There are different ideas about what a ley line is and do the exist. Ley Line study is pseudo science, so there is a lot of far out ideas. Theo and I decided to be very basic while describing yo you what a Ley line is.  The ley lines I was able to find run close to or on fault lines on our planet. I went with the curve lines because the straight lines didn’t feel right to me.  Ley lines from what I understand are powerful areas on the earth where we feel a certain way, because of the gems and minerals that influence the water and or land.  Scientists have also found this idea to be true.  Pope Gregory told his missionaries to site their churches on ancient pagan sites, becaus

Thinning of the Veils

  The Thinning of the  Veils happens from October to the second week of November. This is the time when most people have 'psychic' experiences as the 'veils' between dimensions are thin. During this time we have the ability to perceive more than we normally can during the rest of the year.  People are always curious about the 'Claires'. Here are my definitions of the 'Claires' - Clairaudience: To hear intuitively past our three dimensional world clearly, hearing those who have passed over, Angels, guides etc. Many of our mentally ill people are clairaudient and clairvoyant. Claircognizant: "Clear Knowing" those who receive divine guidance/psychic information, and just know that what they know is true. A claircognizant person will not know how they know or how they get information, just that its true. Clairsentience: The ability to feel or touch objects or persons and receive knowledge about those objects or a person story. Clairvoyance

Sacred Space & Sacred Sites

Sacred Space  Sacred Space is a space you create intentionally. What is it? It a place of safety, a safe place for yourself, family, friends or clients. My home is that, it is sacred space. I have it set up so when I work, I am always in a place where I am grounded, centered and connected. I endeavor to keep my place clean, clear and protected.    I wrote some of the ideas about protecting your home in I Am Psychic, not Telepathic, A Psychic’s Story. This is where we go deeper and have more fun creating sacred space. This is where spirit guides, angels ascended masters, Galactic’s and more come into place. In this chapter I will be referring to the Arch Angels, Archeia and guardian angels. For information about this group of celestials please read Angel’s A Psychic’s Story.    Your home is your sacred space. When you create sacred space, you will feel a true difference in your office or home. Sacred space allows whoever is in it feel safe and it also helps them clear or release, u