Sunday, January 3, 2016

Angelic Tip of the Day - Archeia Hope 2016

For the past three years the Archeia Hope has asked me to record her predictions. This year is very interesting and also gives good advice. Here are her words - 

Civil Unrest - All Life Matters - 

The People of this nation and many others are finding that all life is special and unique. It has come to a time when you are waking up to what has been created around you! Now, it is time to decide what you can keep and what can go. 

Create programs that assist your people, there will be many and of varying degrees as you all are unique and similar in the same moments. Many of the programs you have in place now to assist those in need are outdated and need to be reformed. It is your right to speak up and assist your government. 

Civil unrest will continue in the USA. The corruption is becoming more and more apparent. What will you do individually? As communities? As a nation?

We suggest you put your focus on unification raising your awareness of those who are truly great leaders and putting your focus and attention there. This will assist with raising the resonance of your communities and bringing them into unity for the better good of the humans who reside there. If you will create Rallies do so. We encourage peaceful rallies so your opinion and wisdom can be heard. Remember you want to create unification in positive ways. Be creative and informed as you plan your rallies. You are doing this to inform the public, create unity, harmony and peace within your communities.

Every time you fill your gas tank, you fuel the imbalance in the middle east. Find other ways of transportation. Support technologies which do not support the oil industry. You will only gain and your way of life will be richer for it.    
You give power to those who would terrify you when you are not united.
You give power to those who would terrify you when there is too much attention on their actions.

Look to your environment. Your environment reflects you. We ask you to be considerate to planet Earth and the inhabitants of Earth. Do what you can for your environment. Keep it clear and keep it clean on all levels in all ways.  

Give your attention to those you love, be present with them, create memories as much as you can during this life. 
Put your attention on your hearts desires, no matter what they are or if they change. Change is good. 

Talk about your heroes of the day. How can you raise them up and give them attention they deserve.

Your Media is guilty of saying 'drama and trauma sells' it only sells if there are buyers. Don't buy what the media has to sell, for they speak in half truths and are more like your gossip columns rather than validated truths.

This is our advice for 2016 in short. We will be writing about all of these subjects in length as the year progresses. We intend this assist you as you live your lives fully and completely in your truth.

We Bless you and thank you!
Archeia Hope, Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Gabriel - the Divine Messengers
Auriel Grace is a trans - Channel for the Archeia Divine Feminine Compliments of the Arch Angels

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