Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bachelors Grove Cemetery June 22 2013

This is the beginning of the trail into Bachelors Grove Cemetery. This cemetery is supposed to be one of the most haunted places in the USA. Now that I have been there I can say that it is pretty haunted. I went to visit with my friend and partner Donna, Melissa and Neal Gray - Zero Point Quantum Paranormal

On the way in I was able to get these two shots. I asked the spirits there if it was ok to take more pictures and my camera phone turned off and a different app appeared on it. So I respectfully did not take pictures on the trail.

What did it feel like?

Walking down that trail felt energetically heavy and dense, very unwelcoming. You can still see the asphalt from the road that was there. The forest is taking over.  It is very beautiful and lush. It is hard to appreciate its beauty through the density. I also felt that I should not leave the trail. I did not.

When we arrived at the grave yard I felt better. Donna and I walked around and I snapped pictures there. I was snapping pictures all over. I heard there were orbs there and I wanted to see if i could get a picture of at least one orb.

I will say the trees there are just magical. I loved looking at them. There are quite a few trees that are growing together. I love that. I have heard on many occasions that looking through the double trees you can see in other dimensions. Let me tell you I felt like I was in a different dimension! Wow! Not scary, but magical. Really hard to describe.

So Donna and I were walking backwards looking around. She was in back of me while I was snapping pic's. This is what we got - 

Ok so while I am taking the pictures Donna is looking at where I am shooting and she is seeing nothing. But both of us are seeing it on the camera as I am snapping pictures! We were amazed! 

We took these pictures around 3.30 in the afternoon. Look at them really closely, you will see faces. That kinda freaks me out a little. 

We also felt an elemental near the cemetery. Donna and Neal went to investigate. They asked if it wanted to leave and it just moved further into the forest. I asked if any of the spirits wanted to leave. I think at one point one of them followed me. Mostly I 'heard'  (clairaudience) they were good where they were. 

On the path leaving the cemetery, we felt lighter, and were able to look into the forest and admire it. It was a lot lighter energetically and did not feel as heavy or as long going out. 

I think if you visit this place, really make sure you have your bubble up or shields, what ever you do to protect yourself. Also be respectful of the spirits there. Listen to your intuition and your instinct. Also bring bug spray, there are a lot of mosquitoes. 

Would I go again? No, I would not. I think that place should be left alone. There is something about it that is wondrous and dreadful at the same time. Would I recommend anyone to go - sure. 
Be wise, respectful and don't provoke. 
Don't bring your kids. 

Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls Inc

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Psychic Tip of the Day - Grace

It is the perfect weather for a walk. I made a promise to myself to walk to work at least once a week until winter. Naperville has the best walking biking trails! I am grateful for that. 

Admiring the beauty of the trails makes me feel good. I am able to get grounded and centered. 

Right now the trails smell really good and every once in a while you will see a deer peering back at you, lovely.

Walking assists me with connecting with my guides, angels and fairies and I 'listen' to what they have to say to me. This morning I 'heard' a lot about the vibration of Grace.

Elegance, beauty, ease, kindness, love,mercy, compassion, charity, forgiveness, wisdom - these are words that describe Grace.

How do we put 'Grace' into action?

Instead of judging someone for the 'poison' they feed out into the world we should bless their hearts. Seeing a person in their highest light is being 'gracious'. 

So just for today all of those people who aggravate you and cause you to judge them, bless their hearts. Be in a state of 'Grace'. 

If everyone did that for one day this world would be a better place! How wondrous is that?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Cosmic Tip of the Day - Beauty & Grace

Recently I have been having 'a changing of the guards'.

I was not pleased when I found out there was a Cosmic Being Venus who wanted to speak through me. I am not a 'lovey dovey' 'ooey gooey' romantic kinda girl. That is what I thought of Venus when she started knocking on my channeling door. I ignored her for a while, She is very persistent. I opened the door a little and found her to be very tolerable, in fact I like Her.

Cosmic Being Venus is not like the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. She is a Cosmic Being and doesn't care about 'lovey dovey', 'ooey gooey'. She says those are human traits. She is not human and She has never been human. Her message is about the vibration of  Love, Admiration and Beauty. She speaks about these vibrations as being at the core of creation. She reminds you - 

Beauty is as Beauty does!

She asks - 'Do you admire the beauty within you?' 

This is the best place to start to understand beauty. 

Remember Beauty doesn't just come from fancy hair and make up. It is your essence that lights you up and makes you beautiful. 

Can you feel your essence? 

I am more comfortable with the idea of channeling Cosmic Being Venus, She is very much straight forward and to the point. I respect that in my fellow human beings and Cosmic Others.  

For this Summer Solstice Multi Channeling Event Cosmic Being Venus will guide you through a meditation to assist you with bringing or activating the vibration of Grace within your being. When you activate the vibration of Grace within your being you start to understand how beauty, love and admiration can work for you in all moments of your life. 

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