Psychic Tip of the Day - Grace

It is the perfect weather for a walk. I made a promise to myself to walk to work at least once a week until winter. Naperville has the best walking biking trails! I am grateful for that. 

Admiring the beauty of the trails makes me feel good. I am able to get grounded and centered. 

Right now the trails smell really good and every once in a while you will see a deer peering back at you, lovely.

Walking assists me with connecting with my guides, angels and fairies and I 'listen' to what they have to say to me. This morning I 'heard' a lot about the vibration of Grace.

Elegance, beauty, ease, kindness, love,mercy, compassion, charity, forgiveness, wisdom - these are words that describe Grace.

How do we put 'Grace' into action?

Instead of judging someone for the 'poison' they feed out into the world we should bless their hearts. Seeing a person in their highest light is being 'gracious'. 

So just for today all of those people who aggravate you and cause you to judge them, bless their hearts. Be in a state of 'Grace'. 

If everyone did that for one day this world would be a better place! How wondrous is that?


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