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2018 Predictions - Archeia Hope

Every year at this time I channel Archeia Hope's predictions for the following year.  For those of you new to this blog, I am a trance channel for the Archeia, Divine Compliments of the Arch Angels. The Archeia Hope is the divine compliment of Arch Angel Gabriel - the Messenger Angels. They have a legion of messenger Angels inspiring us onward with brilliant ideas. They are the energy that assist us with manifesting our intentions and goals. if you have intentions for anything call upon them, invite and invoke them so they can assist you.  That is what the Angels were created for to assist mankind in their endeavors. Also the Angels see Everyone as important. All of your hopes, desires, wants and needs are important to them as they strive to assist you. So open your hearts and minds to the information that will be given to you today. It is after all for your higher and better good.  For more information about the Arch Angels' I work with check

Psychic Tip of the Day - Working with the Elements

California is a desert. It is dry, polluted and overpopulated. There are all kinds of natural disasters going on in California all the time. People build their houses on the sides of mountain and hills. Kill the indigenous plant life and wonder why their houses slide down the hills and onto PCH.  You can't enjoy the ocean anymore because of oil and sewage.  Then there are the fires, fires because people are morons and throw their cigarette butts out of the windows of their cars, build fires without knowing how to put them out and more. The air is so polluted there are days you can't go outside for fear of an asthma attack or heart attack. A a child I lived in Carson California, right around the corner from our house was an oil refinery, spewing out its toxic crap, right in back of us was a lumber yard.   What can be done? Stop pollution of all types and forms. Say no to that almighty dollar and start taking stock of what you can do as individual

Energy Is Energy

Energy is Energy - what do I mean by writing this? We do distance Reiki and it works, it is Universal Energy that is all around us, that moves through us and into the individual or animal we are working with.  We do readings, soul retrieval and more over the phone, your spirit guides and angels show up to give the information for you during these sessions.  Same thing with other energy work we do. The internet has helped broaden what we can do as well through Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger and more.  What it is, is information being transferred through energy  - I call it a download. The energy is transferred in a way that can be translated into words. A couple weeks ago a woman emailed me because she has a haunted house. The haunting is escalating and she was referred to me. She lives in Illinois, I live in Florida.  I let her know that I could work on the house from a distance as I have done this before with great success, why? Because energy is en

Haunted Russ House

On November 18th Todd and I visited the Russ House in Marianna Florida. The Russ house was built by Joseph W. Russ Jr. It is a historic site built from 1892-1896. The house serves as Jackson County's Visitor Center, located at 4318 Lafayette St.  If you are in the area, I highly recommend going to visit the Russ House. It is beautiful.  This was my second time visiting the Russ House. This time, I met a new friend, Tara. Tara is also an intuitive, which made the discoveries of the house more fun. We started at the front porch. When I visited the house previously, I felt the energy of children playing. The porch at that time was being worked on so I couldn't sit out there to investigate. Tara and I were able to sit on the rocking chairs out on the porch and do an EVP session for about ten minutes. Remember while doing an EVP session to give time between questions for the answers. I give at least one minute between questions.  We asked about ten questions,

Soul Retrieval & Fertility

Women are choosing in this time to wait to start a family. They are creating something for themselves first, having life experiences, career, travel. I am all for that, I love seeing everyone choosing adventure and fun! We are seeing more couples who are waiting until they feel ready to have children, making wise choices for their families.  I have a client, we are going to call her Daisy. Daisy was thirty six years old and she and her husband were ready to start their family. They had started planning for their child three years previous. The medical doctor couldn't find anything wrong physically with Daisy nor her husband. When Daisy contacted me about her issue, I told her I saw her little girl's spirit right next to her. The little girl was waiting for Daisy. Daisy was very excited about me seeing her little girl. She started crying. Then she started to tell me about how afraid she was of having a baby. The baby could be sick, or die, Daisy could die. Lot

Flex Your Intuitive Muscles!

'Auriel, if you teach us how to use our intuition, we won't need to call you anymore!' One of my clients told me joking.  I laughed at that too! I am very intuitive and I still receive guidance, healing and clearing work from others. We are all peeling off the energetic layers and it's awesome! Everyone is intuitive, it is up to you to decide how much you want to know, hear, see, feel. Many of us have been desensitized from the events that happen in the world. That can keep us from being able to tap into that inner guidance. Time to peel of those layers and allow yourself to utilize on of your greatest assets.  When I moved from Chicago to Florida, I made some decisions connected to my career. I decided to write A Psychic's Story Series. A Psychics Story Series are written for everyone who is interested in expanding their intuitive skills. There are more books in the series, I am not sure how many there will be. The next book will be the Mediumshi

Attention: All Metaphysical, Paranormal & Spiritual Business Owners

I received this message from Juliana Solovjev -   Hi Auriel! Thank you for contacting me. The City of Chicago appears to have an old zoning ordinance which prohibits "astrology, card reading, palm reading or fortune telling in any more form" outside of a small area expensive/less-than-nice by the downtown.  If you are located anywhere else in the city, in some areas it's prohibited completely, and in some you can apply for a variance.  The problem with the variance is that it takes 4-6 months to get in front of the zoning board, costs $1025 just to apply, and requires a bunch of studies, reports, notifications of residents within a certain area, etc. So, for a small business, like a new age shop, or a spiritual readings shop, the burden of trying to get a variance makes it almost impossible to obtain.  By creating this sort of a zoning situation, the city is effectively zoning this type of business from the city limits. My shop, The Lady of Light, A

Psychic Tip of the Day - Soul Mates

I do ALOT of readings for Peeps asking for their soulmates - romantically. This blog is going to have information for the different types of soul mates we encounter. It is my belief before we come into being we make soul contracts with soulmates or soul groups to help us achieve our goals.  The first 'Soulmate' I will write about is the romantic ones. Everyone wants to find their happily ever after soulmate. however, you might have to connect with some other soulmates to learn about relationship before you get to that particular soulmate. Perhaps you need to learn how to communicate. Communication is key to all relationships.  I get a lot of calls - what is he or she thinking or feeling about me? Please ask your partner that yourself. If you do not trust their answer - Why are you with them? Perhaps this particular soulmate you have connected with is teaching you wisdom and courage to walk away.  'I have invested all this time in this relationsh

Book Review: “I Am Psychic Not Telepathic” by Auriel Grace

Image Book Review: “I Am Psychic Not Telepathic” by Auriel Grace I was lucky enough to get to read an advanced copy of Auriel Grace's new book "I am Psychic Not Telepathic" and I have got to say that if there is a book I would recommend to anyone who is even slightly interested in psychic abilities or would like to experiment with their own abilities, this would be the one.  The book begins with Auriel giving some background on herself and her abilities. We get to learn about one of her early experiences with being psychic as well as her journey to where she currently is in her life.  From there we get to learn about intuition, crystals, spirit guides, angels, and ways to help improve some skills.  One thing I really liked about "I am Psychic Not Telepathic" is how Auriel talks about how some people assume that a psychic can know what people are thinking. She explains what psychics are a

Psychic Tip of the Day - Practice Flexing Those Intuitive Muscles

Fall and Spring are my favorite times of the year. During these times we are more able to see, hear, know, feel intuitively. Iy is the time of year when we experience those extra special moments with our spirit guides, angels and ancestors.  Be present during this time and practice flexing those intuitive muscles. This is the time of year to gain confidence in your intuitive abilities and make those wondrous connections.  As with any type of gift or study practice is important. Yes, even I practice. Its what makes me good at what I do.  Here is a great meditation to assist you with connecting to your guides and angels. It is the Automatic Writing Meditation. It will assist you with receiving information for your highest and greatest good. It is good to create a great relationship with Creator, Spirit Guides and Angels. Building your relationship can assist you with the confidence of leading a good life. Making good decisions for yourself and your family.    T