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Psychic Tip of The day - Authentic

Psychic Tip of The day -  Authentic When I was around thirty years old I had to make a decision that broke my heart and my very dysfunctional family. I had move from a place I truly loved and resonated with and move across an ocean and a continent to Virginia.  I realized that although I lived in my dream location, I was unhappy, stressed out and constantly having to go out of my way to make ends meet. I decided to change the quality of my life. I did not know if Virginia was a long term solution but it took my sons and I out of a bad situation into a better situation. That was my first true step onto this path of discovering myself. There have been many steps since that time. I have lived all over this country and assisted many people and I also have been assisted and blessed in my travels.  One of the First questions I was asked by one of my teachers was -  Who are you? She did not mean my name either - she meant - Who are you? Now I am asking you

Psychic Tip of the Day - Intuition & Instinct

Psychic Tip of the Day - Intuition & Instinct Everyone is intuitive and instinctual, it is the most natural way to be. We all have busy lives, we have forgotten what is part of our true nature.  My advice has always been to tap into those two elements of ourselves and hone those skills to assist in your daily life.  So what can you do to help yourself -  Be present and pay attention to you, your body, your emotions to see how you feel about the different situations in your life. Pay attention to your reaction, this will give you man answers as to what, when and how to proceed with your day. This is your instinct talking to you. Our instinct is there to help guide us through our days.  Our intuition assists us further by guiding us through  Clairvoyance - Clear Seeing Clairaudience - Clear Hearing Clairsentience  - Clear Feeling Claircognizance - Clear Knowing  Pay attention to how your guides and angels give you information. Decide if this is

Moving' & Groovin'

I haven't blogged in a while, it has been a wild ride the last six months. Elevated Delights is now closed. This is a joyous occasion. I am grateful and also recovering very nicely in the Florida sunshine.  Everyone is set on their paths and they are expanding and growing in their own way and direction. I am grateful. I am grateful for Naperville & Chicago. I learned a lot about myself and others. I grateful to have balanced my karma and to assist others with theirs. I was my honor and pleasure. I love the City of Chicago only six months or so of the year though. I will be visiting often, I am pretty sure there is more for me to do up there.   I live in Florida now and I love it! I love the vibe and the sun. I am going to put together a handy Psychic Tips and Tricks Book for your benefit. The ideas have been bubbling up for a while and now I will have to write them and share them with you!  I will be blogging in August for sure. This blog is going to