Friday, October 22, 2010

Angelic Tip of the Day - Attaining World Peace

This is a question that comes up a lot during the Group Channelings ~

How can we as individuals be at Peace while the rest of the world struggles?

Archeia Hope's answer to this question - 

First you must remember when you see this idea in the media and get hooked into that drama/idea you add energy to this idea/drama. When you talk about struggle, recession, starving children in Africa and give it the negativity that the media gives it you are adding to this type of energy. You make it real.

Humans have a saying - Do not believe everything you hear and see on TV or in the newspapers. ~ You should remember this idea as you go about your day.

We ~ The Archeia ~ say look to the beauty, goodness, wondrousness of your Earth. Put your energy there. Strive to be at Peace with yourself in your world. You make this real when you add energy to this idea. Such a better idea!

To bring Peace, Love, Joy, Compassion to the world you must be at Peace. This helps the Mass Consciousness shift into Peace starts with you and your clarity, one person at a time.

Clear out emotions, thoughts, actions, relationships and those possessions you have that no longer serve you. Lighten your load. 

As you release these old patterns that no longer serve you, you will start to see that the propaganda from the media no longer troubles you. This is the beginning of you loving yourself unconditionally. As you love yourself so you shall be loved. 

This is the first steps of creating a better world for yourself and your family.

Remember you are created in the likeness of your Creator ~ You are perfect and wondrous! We encourage you to create a life full of wonder, love, compassion, joy and peace. The Creator created your Earth, your Heaven on Earth! How wondrous is that?

You must also remember this is a Free Will Planet. Everyone has a choice as to how they live their life and so do you. So live your life!

We are Archeia Hope, Divine Compliment of our beloved Arch Angel Gabriel.

Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Angelic Tip of the Day

The question ~ What is going to happen in 2012 always comes up during group channelings. Archeia Hope usually answers this question. She asked me to allow her to write down her answer too as She wishes to share with more people Her answer to this question.

IAM Archeia Hope, I am the Divine Compliment of my Beloved Arch Angel Gabriel. Today I intend to answer the question of the year 2012. First I want to write about the Archeia.

We the Archeia are the Divine Compliments of the Arch Angels. We have never walked the Earth. We are a vibration. I am the Vibrations of Hope. I celebrate and sing this vibration with the Earth constantly. The Earth is a living being. She is more powerful than most people give Her credit for. She has a better understanding of evolution than humans do. She wants Humans to think about how they like to be treated and treat Her the same. She wants to remind you that nature is always in action. When you observe what you call natural disasters she wants you to understand that these ~disasters ~ are natural. It is a course of Nature. We want you to understand this so you do not think you are being punished.

Next we want to say this ~ your Creator does not punish anyone or thing. 

Your Creator is Joy, Love, Unconditionality. Your Creator wants you to understand this and bring yourself back into the place that you are that as well. We the Archeia can help you take the steps to this space. This is our focus to remind you how wondrous you are and you live on a wondrous planet that is ever evolving.

Now that we have given you this information we will speak of 2012.

The shift of 2012 is already happening. It is a mass consciousness shift. In this shift you are experiencing a different way of being on all levels of your beingness. You are being promted to release all ways that do not serve you and to be in a space of unconditionality. You are being promted to simplify your lives, get back to your core. Be present in your lives and your beloveds.

The 2012 is already happening, you are living it right now. Many ideas and ways of being are changing so be flexible and see what resonates with you. Follow your heart and allow yourself to live the life you choose. It truly is OK for you to do so. So figure out what resonates with your heart and start to move into that flow. Trust your inner guidance and clear yourself of all thoughts and actions that no longer serve you.

It is OK for you to ask for guidance on your journey. There are many Ascended Masters, who are ready to aid you. We are here to aid you. This is our focus so allow us to help you.

IAM Archeia Hope, Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Gabriel ~ We love you, We Bless you!

Auriel Grace 
A Gang of Girls

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