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Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz - Root Chakra Category - Silica Formula - SiO2 Color - Black, gray Luster - Vitreous Moh's Scale - 7-8 Form & Structure - Trigonal, often in long, well defined points or clusters Geography - Brazil, Switzerland, USA Rarity - easily obtained Physical/Emotional Uses - Focuses and grounds a person's energy in the present moment, bringing calm & peace Assists in easing pains in the lower back, hips and legs Neutralizes negativity in the human energy field or Aura Counteracts the effects of radiation - for example - electromagnetic fields around a television or computer. Protects your home from negative energies Healing effects - in crystal layouts, creates a safe nurturing energy field for release of negative emotions Place a piece between the feet or smaller stones on either side of the body for protection. Personal Use - Place large pieces by electrical equipment, carry smaller stones with you or wear as

Holistic Spiritual Care

Holistic Spiritual Care My name is Rev. Rhonda Schienle. I am an Ordained Interfaith Minister, with a Master of Science in Holistic Ministries and a Bachelor of Science in Metaphysics. I am based of out Northwest, Indiana. I am currently implementing cancer care ministry training and cancer care spiritual support groups in my local churches and communities. One approach in this specialized work is to empower patients, caregivers and our communities with the knowledge of good holistic spiritual care. “Holistic” means that we are made of mind, body and spirit. It is important to provide sustenance to all three of these vital areas, to facilitate well-being. It is important of course to feed our physical bodies with a well balanced diet that may be recommended by our Doctors, Homeopathic Physicians or Nutritionists. Holistic spiritual care, is to suggest receiving spiritual services such as: Guided Meditation, Acupuncture, Reiki, Massage and other l

Infinite Beings - Lord Melchizedek

I am always asked this question - What do you think happens when we leave Earth? This is my answer - our soul are infinite. There is no young or old souls we are infinite energy. We have experiences on Earth, in between our physical incarnations and on other planets, galaxies, cosmos. We take on different forms and have different adventures.  Lord Melchizedek says - If you look at yourself as being this wondrous unlimited being and see your lifetimes as adventures many of your limitations will be lifted. You asked for the experience(s) you are having. Now ask yourself 'why?' When you come to your conclusion and have your realizations you will be healed! You are a multi dimensional being having a multi dimensional experience on planet Earth. Take that experience and learn from it, love it and utilize it to give your soul momentum for more wonderful experiences! I thought I would share this with you this week. I love Lord Melchizedek, he is so awesome and has the best

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate Category - Quartz Color - Blues, violet, whites, clear Moh's Scale - 7 Geographic Locations - Brazil, South Africa, Uruguay  Blue Lace Agates are a type of quartz. They are micro crystalline in form. meaning their structure is too small even to be seen through a microscope. They are usually opaque in texture and form in masses rather than in large defined points. It is usually formed in nodules an has transparent or translucent portions. Physical/Emotional - brings peace an calm to the mind and helps the body to relax. Enhances sleep quality and eases feelings of anxiety. Eases inflammation on the body and throat, such as soreness or coughs. Healing Effects - Place over the throat chakra to enhance communication and soothe the effects of anger. Hold a piece to relax the body. Place over the 3rd eye chakra to sooth the mind and enhance clear thinking. Personal Uses - Wear close to the throat to facilitate clear and gentle co