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During the Victorian age Seances became the ‘fashion’     or ‘entertainment’ for the middle class and a source of hope for the working class in households circa 1820-1914. This happened in Europe and the United States.     During this time period we start to see the Fox Sisters and their seances with the ‘knocking’ answers. Leah – 1814-1890, Margaret 1833-1893, Cate 1837-1892    Their story is the youngest sister, Catherine Fox heard knocking their small house and discovered when they knocked back, they received answers.  Their name for the spirit was Mr. Splitfoot. Word spread the Fox Sisters were communicating with a spirit through knocking. They started to do Seances professionally. P.T. Barnum managed the mediums leading to their success and the birth of Spiritualism.    Years later the Fox Sister’s confessed they were faking the seances.   Talking to the Dead - Fox Sisters   Ouija or Spirit Boards – Elijah Bond July 1 1886 – He filed for a united States patent on 5/28/1890. The pa

Resolving Hauntings

  Last week I drove from Clearwater, Florida to Madisonville, New Orleans, Louisiana. I like taking drives and seeing the countryside, driving through small towns along tree lined highways.  While I was in Louisiana, I drove my friend to her doctor appointments in New Orleans at the Tulane Medical Center. i normally don['t like going into hospitals especially the emergency rooms. This hospital is a peaceful building. It is pleasant to walk through and get to the different clinics.  The map above is the location of the hospital, diagonally across the street is a huge abandoned building that is haunted. When we walk across the bridge from the parking lot to the hospital you can see the b building, in fact you may feel compelled to look at the building. This building is very haunted. The haunting in this building affects the area on the map. In this area where there is health and hope being promoted there is density. In this area there is homeless people living under the I-10, robbery

Mother’s Day – A Day to honor Mother's

Celebrating Mother’s day can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who held festivals in honor if the mother goddesses Rhea and Cybele    Rheia (Greek – means ease and flow) Ops (Roman) Queen of Heaven is the Titan Goddess of fertility, motherhood, comfort and ease. She was the sister wife of the Titan Kronos (Time) and mother of six elder Olympian Gods – Hestia, Demter, Hera, Zues, Posiden, Hades.  Her symbol is the cornucopia.     During the 16th century, people in the United Kingdom used to return on the 4th Sunday during   Lent  for a service to their ‘mother church’ - the main church or cathedral of the area. This was either the church where you were baptized, or the local parish church or more often the nearest cathedral. This service and day was to honor Mother Mary, eventually the day evolved to celebrate all mother’s.     Anyone who did this was commonly said to have gone "a-mothering", although whether this term preceded the observance of Mothering Sunday

Emeralds - May Birthstone

Emeralds – Deep Vivid Green   Beryl with Chromium, Vanadium Mohs - 7.5-8 Fragile - inclusions Crystal Form & Habit – Hexagonal    Make sure your emeralds are not dyed. Get your emeralds through a certified gemologists.   Emeralds are the green variety of beryl and its chemical description is beryllium aluminum silicate. The green color is due to chromium and or vanadium. All Emeralds have inclusions. This is how you will know the emerald is real. If there are no inclusions, ask questions about the stone. Emeralds will shatter if not treated with oil while being cut and shaped.    Geographical sources – Africa, Brazil, Columbia and Russia Rarity – rare and expensive as gem quality    Myth & Legend   Archeological evidence suggests emeralds were being mined in ancient Egypt as early as 1500 BCE.  In the Bible, specifically the Old Testament, book of Exodus, emerald are mentioned along with other stones as symbols of the tribes of Isreal.  1600’s Spanish invaders reached central a