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Emeralds - May Birthstone

Emeralds – Deep Vivid Green   Beryl with Chromium, Vanadium Mohs - 7.5-8 Fragile - inclusions Crystal Form & Habit – Hexagonal    Make sure your emeralds are not dyed. Get your emeralds through a certified gemologists.   Emeralds are the green variety of beryl and its chemical description is beryllium aluminum silicate. The green color is due to chromium and or vanadium. All Emeralds have inclusions. This is how you will know the emerald is real. If there are no inclusions, ask questions about the stone. Emeralds will shatter if not treated with oil while being cut and shaped.    Geographical sources – Africa, Brazil, Columbia and Russia Rarity – rare and expensive as gem quality    Myth & Legend   Archeological evidence suggests emeralds were being mined in ancient Egypt as early as 1500 BCE.  In the Bible, specifically the Old Testament, book of Exodus, emerald are mentioned along with other stones as symbols of the tribes of Isreal.  1600’s Spanish invaders reached central a