Friday, May 4, 2018

Chaos Brings Clarity


At the beginning of April I started a process to clear out all negativity from my life. I have been craving a deep cleaning and clearing. It created ALOT of chaos, this clearing, I am grateful. 

I am always talking about boundaries and keeping those boundaries set up. I am very strict with myself, it works for me and helps to define me and what I do for myself and you. The boundaries help me to honor myself and with self  preservation. 

My personal life has changed and I am working through the loss of a loved one, cleaning and clearing myself, making room for more positivity in my life. I am looking forward to new adventures and discoveries. 

I truly believe everyone has the ability to learn and grow and most of all love with an open heart. We are all responsible for ourselves first. When we take that responsibility for our growth, those who are connected to us grow too. Remember to care for yourself first, so you can assist and care for those who are connected to you. 

I know some of you are concerned when you start to raise your resonance, you worry about losing friends and acquaintances. It is up to them to decide if the time for their growth is the same timing as yours. Allow them their growth and experience, be their example. You don't lose anything, you gain more by moving forward. Ultimately it doesn't matter what anyone else feels or knows. It is what you know to be true for your soul's journey. 

Here is something for you to say and mean when you are releasing people or events in your life. When you say this and mean it, the energy gets pushed out of your energy field, clearing you and making room for what does serve you. 

I love you
I bless you
I forgive you
I thank you
I release you

Say it as many times as you need to for clearing. 

The program that I have been using is called Magic Lady by Laura Bushnell. If you are interested you can email her at Put A Gang of Girls - Life Magic in the subject line to receive the 35% discount she is giving to all of you. 


Many of you have heard that A Gang of Girls Radio is on Hiatus until July. This is the truth. I am going to do some Facebook Live events until then. I am going to do them on Sunday nights at 8pmE. You can participate in these events by going to A Gang of Girls Radio Page on Facebook. Many of you have asked for meditations and handy tips on clearing out that which does not serve you. Let me know if there is anything else you would like to learn about.  So that is what we will do until the show comes back online. 

I am grateful for you!

Remember to stay present, look to your future, keep your heart opened and aligned with the energy of LOVE!


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