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Summer Solstice & Crystals

Summer Solstice is a day to celebrate abundance, it is a day to commit to those ideas serving you. Feel the fullness of the energy of summer.  One summer we went to the Summer Solstice Ceremony at Chaco Canyon. At Chaco Canyon there is a kiva, Casa Riconada. This Kiva has windows aligned with the Summer Solstice Sun rising. As the Sun rises we watched as the sun passed through the windows. While we watched the sun rise, someone played the flute, ravens flew overhead.  What will you do to celebrate the sunshine and summer?  There will be a full moon during the summer solstice. Here is the question I have for you to think about, what were your intentions or plans in January? This full moon you may see your plans coming into fruition. Keep nurturing your manifestations. Stay the course! Make sure to check your boundaries, your foundation to make sure it is flexible.  Here is the next question for you - What is expiring within you or in your environment? What are you letting go of

Numerology - Destiny Number & Hearts Desire Number

Numerology  Numerology is a belief that numbers have spiritual meaning. Ancient Egyptians believed in seven paths to heaven and 11 dimensions. In Pythagoreanism, odd numbers were male, even were female. Number 4 stood for justice and number 10 was for perfection.  Indian numerology pays close attention to birth dates and they have developed the numeral value to letters.  Destiny Numbers - indicates your purpose in life. A person’s life generally offers multiple paths to happiness and success 1 - Leadership - Good Example -  Risks & Challenges - Stress, Giant Ego, Stubbornness 2 - Relationships/Harmony - Connecting people, being a great team player Risks & Challenges - Neediness, complacency  3 - Creativity - Creating, using imagination Risks & Challenges - Eccentricity, lack of focus 4 - Security - Establishing foundations, being grounded  Risks & Challenges - Over work, exhaustion 5 - Adventure - Traveling, exploring  Risks & Challenges - Impetuousness, indeci