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Psychic Tip Of the Day - Harvest Time - Equinox . . .

What do your harvests look like this year?  Are you counting your blessings?  Or Are they too numerous to count? September is the time of year I take time to look at the year and look at what I have accomplished. What intentions came into fruition. What I am grateful for, past present and future.  I have written a lot about intention and gratitude, manifesting your life in this blog. I have much to be grateful for. I truly believe thats where the magic to manifesting is. Is being in a place of gratitude for your life. Asking the Universe for the highest good to come into your life.   Yes I do question the strategy of the Universe as I am stumped sometimes as to how events turn out. I am always reminded that this is a 'Free Will Planet', sometimes our partners, friends business acquaintances opt out. Then we are creating a new strategy with the Universe to keep up on our 'Soul's Journey'.   This year has been a wild and crazy year for

Psychic Tip of the Day - Our Environment

Do you remember when your Mom used to tell you to pick up the trash, don’t litter, clean up after yourself. Eat all of your food and be grateful? I remember collecting soda bottles to return to the store for a nickel or less to buy candy. When I was a child everything was used. My mother and grandmother’s found a use for everything.   Growing up like this helped me be resourceful, get as many uses out of one thing that I could before it went into the trash. You might think   - WOW! Auriel must be a hoarder! I am not a hoarder.   I do not keep things. I recycle, reuse, reinvent, donate etc. When I lived in New Mexico and Colorado I saw the most interesting homes. There were homes made from adobe, earth bricks, earth ships , eco houses and more.  I learned about how a home can sustain itself by how it is made.  I lived in a off the grid house for about eighteen months. My experience with this particular house was enlightening and  frustrating. This particul