Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Psychic Tip Of the Day - Harvest Time - Equinox . . .

What do your harvests look like this year? 
Are you counting your blessings? 
Or Are they too numerous to count?

September is the time of year I take time to look at the year and look at what I have accomplished. What intentions came into fruition. What I am grateful for, past present and future. 

I have written a lot about intention and gratitude, manifesting your life in this blog.

I have much to be grateful for. I truly believe thats where the magic to manifesting is. Is being in a place of gratitude for your life. Asking the Universe for the highest good to come into your life.  

Yes I do question the strategy of the Universe as I am stumped sometimes as to how events turn out.

I am always reminded that this is a 'Free Will Planet', sometimes our partners, friends business acquaintances opt out. Then we are creating a new strategy with the Universe to keep up on our 'Soul's Journey'.  

This year has been a wild and crazy year for me. Whatever I intended for as I look back has happened and happened for my highest good.  I am grateful.

It's Harvest Time for me, is it harvest time for you? What are you grateful for? You can answer this question in the comments box below if you feel the need too.

Here are some of my gratitudes - 

The ability to assist people with their 'Soul's Journey' - the best job in the world!
Being able to spend the first three years caring for my granddaughter Ella bo Bella 
A Gang of Girls Radio - Fourth Anniversary 2016
Elevated Delights - 5 years Teaching, gave me the ability to connect with you!
Moving to Florida - intention for four years
I am grateful for all my friends past, present and future!

How do you manifest your intentions? You look within and find out what truly resonates with you. Then you make the moves. Remember to be flexible in your desire to reach your goal. 

Stay in the vibe - example - if you want a new car - imagine yourself in the car,  driving down the road, being excited you are in it. Whenever you have the idea of that new car remember the joy it gives you to be in it. That joy energy is what is going to get you that new car. The Universe starts to feel the joy of it and starts to strategize with you, lining the possibilities up for your manifestation.

Believe it, Create it - whatever that might be! You are the master of your destiny - You Create Your Life! 

What do you want to create in the next 6 months, Year, Five Years? 

Here are examples for you to start with. If you need more information check out Tony Burroughs website there is more information on that website for you to check out.

I am so grateful myself and my family are healthy, happy, whole, guided, guarded, protected and connected to Source Energy
I am so grateful my heart is opened and aligned with the energy of Love
I am so grateful I recognize synchronistic events to bring my the outcome for my highest and greatest good.
I am so grateful the quality of my life is beyond my wildest dreams.
I am grateful for Todd, Ella Bo Bella, my children, my home, the sun, the beach, rest, peace, my creativity, my intuitive gifts, my guides and angels, Source Energy and especially You!

Start there and fill in the gratitudes as it aligns with your journey.  

Have a great week!
Auriel Grace

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Psychic Tip of the Day - Our Environment

Do you remember when your Mom used to tell you to pick up the trash, don’t litter, clean up after yourself. Eat all of your food and be grateful?

I remember collecting soda bottles to return to the store for a nickel or less to buy candy.

When I was a child everything was used. My mother and grandmother’s found a use for everything.  

Growing up like this helped me be resourceful, get as many uses out of one thing that I could before it went into the trash. You might think  - WOW! Auriel must be a hoarder!

I am not a hoarder.  I do not keep things. I recycle, reuse, reinvent, donate etc.

When I lived in New Mexico and Colorado I saw the most interesting homes. There were homes made from adobe, earth bricks, earth ships, eco houses and more. 

I learned about how a home can sustain itself by how it is made.  I lived in a off the grid house for about eighteen months. My experience with this particular house was enlightening and frustrating. This particular time really made me aware of how much I had taken for granted living in a on the grid home. I also planted and grew my first food garden. Which was an awesome experience.

Many of these houses are unconventional, logical and mindful of the environment.

So how can us city folk be more mindful?

Recycle – Find appropriate places to recycle, electronics, batteries, furniture, carpet fluids etc.
Donate what you don’t need or use

Grow plants, yes this world needs more plants, trees and flowers. Plants raise the resonance of your environment.

Use natural products where you can. There are many to choose from, check out the possibilities.

Solar Energy – Call your electric company to see about how they can hook you up! The Electric Companies are not going to advertise they have solar packages. You have to ask. You can also call a Solar company and ask them to hook you up. Use the Sun! You can write it off on your taxes. Get your accountant involved! Look at how many people you are helping besides yourself with this decision!

Use good appliances that are energy efficient.

Water/Blue Gold – How much water do you need? There are some states that allow water catch systems. What is that? It is a way to funnel and store rainwater or snow. Create a water catch system to water your yard, house plants, run a fountain. Afraid of mosquitos? Get some mosquito fish and throw them in your cisterns.

Be mindful of the products that you use and how you dispose of them.

Call your city, county, state government and find out how involved they are in creating a better environment for their people. There might be laws or recommendations in place you don’t know about that will help you out.

For example, in Colorado some counties were paying people to xeriscape their yards to save water.

Most of all educate yourself. I always use the idea that you will save money and time in the long run by being mindful and thoughtful about where you live. Be sensible about creating and sustaining an eco - friendly environment.

Most importantly, find out what resonates with you about keeping your environment clean, clear and making it a sanctuary for you and your family.

Get rid of Mosquitoes Naturally! Mosquitoes are a big topic right now. I looked up some great resources for you to consider for your home and yourself to help keep those pesky mosquitos away from you! Here are two blogs that can help you out!

Keep your hearts open and aligned with the energy of Love!
Auriel Grace

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