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Archangel Michael & Archeia Faith

  Archangels and angels are created to serve the Creator and Mankind. In other words the angels are our helpers, they help us, by different kinds of guidance. When you receive guidance, remember to say thank you.  You do not have to elaborate, leave offerings or anything like that as the Angels were created to assist our Creator and us Humans, Be polite, say thank you.  Archeia are the divine feminine Archangels. Most of the archeia are compliments for Archangels.  Remember not to humanize Angels. They are Angels, we are humans, totally different living beings.  The angels do not punish, or force a way of being. Angels assist us with raising our resonance. Angels are not religious, they are love.  You don’t need to worship the angels to accept guidance for you.  All you have to do is say thank you.  Archangel Michael & Archeia Faith are the Archangels in charge of the Guardian angels. What do Guardian angels do? They guide, guard and protect us. That is their purpose an

Flora, Roman Goddess of Spring

  Flora, Roman Goddess of Spring  While doing the research for Flora, I found out this is the time for her festival, Floralia or Flora Festival - April 28- May 1st establish around 250 B.C.  The Romans celebrated and worshipped Flora asking for fertile soil, wellbeing for their crops. They made garlands and wreaths of flowers as offerings to her. During Floralia, there were plays, music and lots of celebrating everything new.  Titus Tatius who ruled with Romulus, according to tradition introduced Flora’s cult to Rome. Flora’s head, distinguished by the floral wreath, appeared on coins of the republic. Flora is a goddess of fertility, humans and other beings, vegetation and flowering plants.  There are some scholars who believe Floras origins come from an ancient Italian fertility goddess, Fluusa.  She is one of the most important goddesses of ancient Rome. Without food they would starve.  Honey is her gift - Bees - Celebrate life, be creative in as many ways possible, fertilit