Sunday, January 22, 2017

Angelic Tip of the Day - Rage

O.K. So we have a new president. O.K. So not everyone is thrilled. 

I understand the Women's March. 

Republicans have a reputation for undermining women and treating them like second class citizens. I am all about the Equal Exchange of Energy and Republicans are not about that. 

Where does the rage come from?

I have asked my guides and angels about Rage. 

This is what Archeia Hope, Archeia Grace and Archeia Faith have to say about the 'Rage' in the United States - 

There are several examples we will give you today. 

First we say - there are mercenaries among you who are paid to start riots. They are paid by those who wish to create chaos. We want you to consider this as you react to your oppression. This is a warning, this is why we have advised you over and over again to be present and pay attention to your surroundings. There will be more riots as there are plenty of paid instigators. Those who are paying are creating prosperity from it. Do not be instigated. Step back from the Rage these people are promoting. 

Do not participate in violence.  It perpetuates the Rage. 

Next we say, you have been oppressed. You are frustrated and angry. Create a way out of it. Rage creates no - thing. 

Do you want to create a better life for yourself? Create a strategy, times are changing and the way you create prosperity is changing as well. Look for answers to your questions outside the realm you have been looking. You are not getting answers where you have been looking. 

Doing the same thing that has not worked over and over again is like running into a wall over and over again, it creates frustration and rage, which creates no - thing. 

There is corruption in your law enforcement. If you are unhappy with this create a strategy or join with others to end it. The corruption in law enforcement creates more Rage than anything else in your United States. You absolutely can do something about this, contribute in some way towards assisting with the end of the corruption. 

Where do you start? You have to ask questions to get answers. 

Corruption in Government - Your government is always changing. Start looking at your local government, first. Your President Trump will be delegating to the local governments to make changes. Here is your opportunity to clear corruption.

There will be civil unrest for more years to come. Do not blame this on President Trump. It is not all his fault. It is the faulting of your local governments for turning a blind eye on situations that presented, which could have been resolved efficiently, Flint Water Crisis, the Dakota Access Project are examples. 

Do not believe what you hear or do not hear in the media. The media instigates much of the Rage. Do your research, follow your intuition, make decisions through love and wisdom for the highest good of this planet. Be present, be authentic, be wise.

How can you create change? Be aware, be present, be kind, be wise, make wise choices. See all living beings as wondrous, no matter the situation. When you pray or say intentions ask for the highest good of all beings everywhere. 

The Rage does not have to continue. It is your choice, choose wisdom, love and the equal exchange of energy. 

If you are not in a an equal exchange of energy situation untangle yourself from it and find or create the situation you so desire. 

Your lesson, your choice. 

Keep your hearts open and aligned with the energy of LOVE!
We love you, we bless you, we thank you!
Archeia Hope - Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Gabriel
Archeia Faith - Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Michael
Archeia Grace - Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Uriel 

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