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Angelic Tip of the Day - Charity

Charity is an answer to a prayer, a divine gift of Grace from the Creator.  As a single mother I struggled like many to keep a roof, clothes and food for my children. Without the assistance I received from state, churches and other charities I would have been up the creek without a paddle. I am thankful for the assistance and support I was given at this time for my family.   Did I like asking for help at that time? No I didn't as I have big pride. I understand why I was placed in the position of asking for help during this time. Simply put, I needed to understand that it was and is ok to ask for help. Assistance comes in many shapes and forms. Charity is one of them.  There are many humans in the United States of America who need assistance and who pray for assistance. They ask for the assistance come to them in specific ways. We answer the prayers according to the highest good of the specific soul and those connected to the soul. We want to remind you, when you pray