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A Gang of Girls Radio

A Gang of Girls Radio September is our second year anniversary of A Gang of Girls Radio! It has been an exciting adventure being a radio host. We have built our audience up natioanlly and internationally. We have had excellent guests and interviews. The show has changed so much in the last couple of years and I am excited about going into our third year. I think my favorite interviews were with Sophia Temperelli - The Ghost Host. She took us on a tour of the ship the Queen Mary . It was awesome and her knowledge of the Queen Mary is extensive! Sophia was able to give us great descriptions of the spirits who live and interact on the Queen and share their stories with us. We were able to share photos of the ship through our chatroom so our listeners could see this incredible ship.  Sophia has a Live show on Saturdays on , 12pm PST, 3pm EST, 8pm primetime U.K. GMT! She has awesome paranormal guests on her show.  My next favorite interview was with Grace

Once Upon a Time

                                            Once Upon a Time A long time ago in a far off land there lived a woman who had a beautiful baby girl. The woman loved and cared for this child. As the child grew the mother became aware that the child was obstinate and would not take heed when the mother warned her of danger. The child grew into an adult and never lost that obstinate behavior. The mother watched as the girl ran away into the arms of energetic vampires. The mothers heart broke as she watched as her child was sucked of her beauty and then her human life by these people and then discarded. When the child died the mother suffered and never recovered. She killed herself through her grief of the loss of the obstinate child. This scenario not only happened once but several lifetimes with the same souls. In this life I decided to balance this energy of the obstinate child by recognizing the energy. I choose the light instead of the darkness and to release this particular human

Psychic Tip of the Day - Charlatans

Truth One of the awesome truths of being clairaudient is hearing the Archeia Faith. She is a most wonderful being of light. The Grace of Faith is Truth.  I am a nice person and I work on always staying in a place of happiness, being present. This is my gift, my wisdom. Because of this innocence people forget I am psychic. I am always paying attention, why? Because I am nosey.  I do give people opportunities, I am aware of karmic situations and I can read the Akashic Records so I know when balance is needed. I know when to take care of business and or back out.  In this lifetime I assist people with Clarity and Being Present. It is very important to be present so you can have clarity within your life, remember You are an intuitive and instinctual being at your core. When you are present you recognize the truth in any situation. Be present, see truth. What is a Charlatan?  A Charlatan is going to tell you lies, lead you on, put you into fear. That is wha