Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

A long time ago in a far off land there lived a woman who had a beautiful baby girl. The woman loved and cared for this child. As the child grew the mother became aware that the child was obstinate and would not take heed when the mother warned her of danger. The child grew into an adult and never lost that obstinate behavior.

The mother watched as the girl ran away into the arms of energetic vampires. The mothers heart broke as she watched as her child was sucked of her beauty and then her human life by these people and then discarded.

When the child died the mother suffered and never recovered. She killed herself through her grief of the loss of the obstinate child.

This scenario not only happened once but several lifetimes with the same souls.

In this life I decided to balance this energy of the obstinate child by recognizing the energy. I choose the light instead of the darkness and to release this particular human with love and the highest intentions for this souls growth.

How did I find out about this pattern? I have done alot of energy work to heal my heart so I can experience the energy of love. As I have worked on my heart I have released energy that does not serve me.

I can read the Akashic Records through Soul Retrieval for others. When I read for myself I get clouded. For the release of this pattern I called on my good friend Jewels - Juliette Fleming Looye. She read my records and gave me an accurate account of the repeat pattern. I was able to understand and release the energy. 

My heart is lighter and I can see with clarity for myself again! What a relief!

If you are experiencing a pattern in your life and you cannot figure it out, I suggest Heart Soul Retrieval, Soul Retrieval or and Akashic records reading to assist you with your souls growth!

Auriel Grace


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