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Let's Talk About Love

As Tina Turner sang out - Whats Love got to do with it? Does he/she love me, I wanna know . . .  Why do we need to know this? Whats up having to know and control love? I understand that many of us want, desire, crave, love. Why?  For those of you who are into ascension, Christ consciousness, you might want to explore these ideas as it will bring you closer to those goals.  The biggest idea is that humans believe they are separate from our Creator - we are not. That realization will assist you so much with all aspects of love, appreciation and grace.  Love comes from within ourselves, it is eternal and once we start to feel it bubble forth there is no more craven, wanting tugging at our hearts or consciousness. We are love, when we have this realization, many time loves comes to us freely and easily. Those who we might have over looked are the best prospects for us because they too have found that inner love which becomes wisdom and grace.  You want love? How much do you love y