Sunday, May 29, 2011

Setting Boundaries with Family Members

There are so many different kinds of people on this Earth. There are different kinds of families and traditions. We choose to be born into these families so we can learn lessons. Recently I have worked with families who are learning to set up boundaries and discipline themselves to keep the boundaries in place until there is resolution within the family.

I am a single mother, I have raised four children and helped teenagers along the way. The first set of teenagers I worked with were runaways. They ran from abusive parents. I worked with the families to help set up boundaries so healing could occur specifically for the young people. I am changing the name of the one of kids, here is her story –


Cassidy had a history of drug abuse. Her parents were very religious and had very harsh expectations from their children, father was an alcoholic. Cassidy was the youngest and a daughter.  She was sixteen when she came into my life. At first Cassidy did not want me to contact her parents. She wanted to feel secure first.

The first step with Cassidy was to get her back into school. She was extremely bright, very stubborn. We found a GED program that would pay her to attend and help her secure a grant for a trade school.

The second step was teaching Cassidy how to stand outside of her situation and take a look. I wanted her to have an understanding of where her parents came from. So I asked her to call her grandmother’s.

Here are some of the questions she asked –

What was my Mom’s/Dad’s life like as children?
Did they spend time with both parents?
What was that like?
What is my family history?
How did my parents meet?
When did my father start drinking?

There are more questions, you get the idea. When she gathered her information she could see many patterns forming. She could see what she didn’t want in her life. Cassidy could also see her parents loved her and their limited ability to respond to her needs. When she had a better understanding of her family and its imbalance she made the decision to contact them.

Before contact she made a list of boundaries she wanted to set for herself and mailed them to her parents, she kept a copy for herself. She called them.

Cassidy’s boundaries –

Dad has to be sober when communicating/ visiting with me.
No abusive language
No forcing issues
No guilt trips
She told them if they could not speak in a good way to her she would hang up and call them another day.

We did this for two months.

On the spiritual side of this healing I taught Cassidy how to invoke the Arch Angel Michael and Archeia Faith to help her cut energetic cords between herself and her parents. We did this every day. This is how you can do this –

I invite and invoke Arch Angel Michael to cut and cauterize all energetic cording from myself and my family. I invite and invoke Archeia Faith to fill me with Divine Light to heal me.

Note : You can do this for yourself and you can ask the Arch Angel Michael to cut and cauterize all cording leading in and out of me that is not serving me at this time.

We also did soul retrieval sessions, we retrieved Cassidy’s inner child. She was abused as a child, when she was not good she was beaten and locked in a closet. Much of her Hope and inspiration, her Inner Child was lost during this time. When the Inner Child was brought back and realized, Cassidy was able to strengthen her resolve not to follow in her parents footsteps.

She claimed the ability to respond without reacting to her parents. She stuck to her boundaries. Her brothers watched and learned from her actions.

Cassidy graduated from GED school and received a grant to go to auto mechanic school. She spends limited time with her parents and is firm with her boundaries not only with her family but also with other relationships. Cassidy learned how to love herself enough to know her emotional, mental and physical limits.

If you are having issues with your parents, family members, partners or friends try the steps that Cassidy took. It helped her and it can assist you on your journey to clarity.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Archeia - Divine Compliments of the Arch Angels

I am a trance channel. What is a Trance Channel? A trance channel is a person who fully incorporates an Ascended Master, Angelic or Cosmic Being. I fully incorporate the Archeia and an Ascended Master. The Archeia are the Divine Compliments of the Arch Angels.

The Archeia messages are about positive ways to empower the self. The Archeia are a resonance or vibration. 

Archeia Faith is the Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Michael. Faith will speak about Angels and how their focus is to serve mankind for the highest and greatest good. Her message is how to honor your agreements you made before you came into this life. She gives especial blessings or messages for you of clearing out all ideas and thought patterns that no longer serve you. She asks that you start to see all living souls are your Soul Mates, see the specialness in all souls including your own. 

Archeia Grace is the Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Uriel. She teaches us about the equal exchange of energy and how to bring balance our lives. It is a life changing experience when Grace speaks of this idea. 

Archeia Charity is the Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Jophiel. She will speak to you about the vibration of Charity and how it changes your life and those around you. When you give from your heart to those around you, this is unconditional love. Charity teaches us about doing for others as we would do for ourselves and more!

Archeia/Cosmic Being Hope is the Divine Messenger. She has many messages for Humankind. Her greatest message is that she is the energy that creates all living beings Intentions. When you are creating or re-creating your life Invoke Hope to assist you in your endeavours. Archeia Hope is the Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Gabriel. 

Lord Melchizedek is an Elohim. He is wondrous and his messages are easily to utilize. Mostly he wants you to know he loves you and you should ~love you too.~


*In this day and age with so many distractions we have to remember our connections to one another, our spirit guides and our connection to our Creator. When we remember these connections great energy pours through us and we are able to support one another in our efforts. We remember every one is unique including ourselves and we utilize the gifts we chose to use in this lifetime.*

Archeia Joy/ Mother Mary ~ Divine Compliment of Arch Angel Raphael.

Ask the Archeia to help you in your endeavors; open yourself to their guidance and you will see your world change for the better. You will know it is the Archeia, you will feel uplifted and wondrous. You will feel as though you are very clear headed, follow through with their guidance.

I have channeled the Archeia now for ten years. Every day is a wondrous day because of them. They are most wondrous and helpful. Their messages through me are for the betterment of mankind. They speak of the Earth as our school house. This is a learning planet. That is why there is duality. They let everyone know it is up to each individual to open themselves up and remember their Divine connection and their connections to each other. Be kind, be love, be compassionate to your fellow human beings. Treat them as you want to be treated. 

Auriel Grace

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