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Psychic Tip of the Day - Soul Mates

I do ALOT of readings for Peeps asking for their soulmates - romantically. This blog is going to have information for the different types of soul mates we encounter. It is my belief before we come into being we make soul contracts with soulmates or soul groups to help us achieve our goals.  The first 'Soulmate' I will write about is the romantic ones. Everyone wants to find their happily ever after soulmate. however, you might have to connect with some other soulmates to learn about relationship before you get to that particular soulmate. Perhaps you need to learn how to communicate. Communication is key to all relationships.  I get a lot of calls - what is he or she thinking or feeling about me? Please ask your partner that yourself. If you do not trust their answer - Why are you with them? Perhaps this particular soulmate you have connected with is teaching you wisdom and courage to walk away.  'I have invested all this time in this relationsh

Book Review: “I Am Psychic Not Telepathic” by Auriel Grace

Image Book Review: “I Am Psychic Not Telepathic” by Auriel Grace I was lucky enough to get to read an advanced copy of Auriel Grace's new book "I am Psychic Not Telepathic" and I have got to say that if there is a book I would recommend to anyone who is even slightly interested in psychic abilities or would like to experiment with their own abilities, this would be the one.  The book begins with Auriel giving some background on herself and her abilities. We get to learn about one of her early experiences with being psychic as well as her journey to where she currently is in her life.  From there we get to learn about intuition, crystals, spirit guides, angels, and ways to help improve some skills.  One thing I really liked about "I am Psychic Not Telepathic" is how Auriel talks about how some people assume that a psychic can know what people are thinking. She explains what psychics are a

Psychic Tip of the Day - Practice Flexing Those Intuitive Muscles

Fall and Spring are my favorite times of the year. During these times we are more able to see, hear, know, feel intuitively. Iy is the time of year when we experience those extra special moments with our spirit guides, angels and ancestors.  Be present during this time and practice flexing those intuitive muscles. This is the time of year to gain confidence in your intuitive abilities and make those wondrous connections.  As with any type of gift or study practice is important. Yes, even I practice. Its what makes me good at what I do.  Here is a great meditation to assist you with connecting to your guides and angels. It is the Automatic Writing Meditation. It will assist you with receiving information for your highest and greatest good. It is good to create a great relationship with Creator, Spirit Guides and Angels. Building your relationship can assist you with the confidence of leading a good life. Making good decisions for yourself and your family.    T

Getting Through or Living Life?

The past couple of months has been the wildest and craziest! I am grateful for what came out of the craziness and I look forward to some peace. How have the last couple of months been for you? I have spoke about manifesting for your highest good and believe me we have manifested ourselves silly.  I have given you information about the eclipses and how they will be eclipsing out of your life what does not serve you.  That has been my experience since August. Todd and I were intending for a place to live that we could afford to live in with ease and grace. The Universe responded. She gave us the place we moved too now. The Universe also said - Auriel, how much do you want this place? I answered the Universe with a loud 'Yes!' Then was the hardest part of all moving from an apartment three stories up. Moving furniture, boxes, all of our possessions. Thank goodness for Bill, Tonia and Logan! They really helped us out! Here we are in a very cozy du