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Knowing Your Worth

A couple of weeks ago I had a very interesting conversation with one of my colleagues. We were discussing the different rates that some of some of the different energy workers.  There seems to be some who have opinions that rates may be exorbitant with some of the healers, energy workers or mediums. I gave myself a few days to think about the conversation and get clear on what I thought about the differences in rates. My opinion is those with integrity and get results should charge what they feel is appropriate.  The Equal Exchange of Energy - Remember? There may be some rates are so high that the middle class or lessor cannot afford them. What if this energy work is just for those of the upper class? Maybe this expensive energy work is for those people who assist with 'making our world a better place?' I am thankful for this.  Perhaps this energy work will help those who make great decisions for the masses, instead of just for the self. Does that make sense?