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Supporting Self

Before we start our talk, I want to remind you I am not a psychologist, I am a psychic. What I relate to you in these shows are what I have tried  and what works for me. If it can work for me it can work for you! Seeing you flourish and grow is my greatest pleasure and what I am guided to do.  We talk about being healthy on all levels and practicing well being in some way on this show.  Last week we spoke about Happiness being an inside job.  It is up to us to make decisions that resonate with us and follow through with those decisions.  This week lets talk about how we can support ourselves through our decision making and working toward our goals.  First let’s talk about boundaries & triggers -  One of may friends said she was going to make me a t-shirt with a Beware sign on it. It cracked me up. I have set up a lot of boundaries for myself. Now these days I don’t put up with any crap out of anyone. If you are not nice and sincere - you can forget about being my friend.  I al

Happiness - An Inside Job

Mercury Rx until 4/25. Key word for the next week is patience and stay on top of everything. Making sure you are making lists and following through on your daily tasks. Don’t take anyone personally. Instead keep rolling. It will help you get through the next week.  Mercury retrograde will bring that mis understood vibe out. Take a breath, make sure not to get caught up in drama. Don’t get trapped into fighting with anyone. Make sure to back off and tell the other person/ people let’s hold off on this conversation until we can all speak with clear heads.  For those of you looking for new jobs, make sure to go over your information a couple of time to make sure you are sending everything correctly. Be patient. Companies are hiring now, allow them to get back to you. Make sure it is a job you actually want.  Patience! Be Patient with yourself and others.  May looks like a great month! We will Have Kendra walk us through May to help us plan our month. So why is Happiness an insid

Accountability & Karma

  Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love - Lao Tzu  What is Karma and how does it affect you?  Karma is energy, it is a balancing energy. It isn’t revenge. It isn’t horrible unless you let it. Before we come into this life we connect with our spirit crew to decide what we want to learn in this life. How we are going to learn, what we can achieve in this life we are entering.  We create soul contracts and we are given the opportunity to learn these lessons. It is up to us how we can learn them. Life is an opportunity to advance our soul’s journey.  Sometimes we come into life feeling a certain way. For example there are a lot of people with the attitude of entitlement. These people feel or think we should just do for them without question. If we don’t they are totally wrecked.  I always ask people like that if they can make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich .  I know this sounds silly but it helps peopl