Monday, December 21, 2009

Psychic Tip of the Day - Soul Contracts and Our Offspring

In Every life time we choose before we come into life the lessons and experiences we want. In this blog I am going to focus on pregnancy, miscarriage and our children. I am going to start with a personal story.

My youngest son, is 15 years old. He is a handsome, healthy and smart guy. He was born 2/26/94.

I knew in my twenties that I was going to give birth to three children. I felt them around me just waiting to be conceived.

During my previous pregnancies I knew my daughter. I knew her name. She told me her name while I carried her. My son oldest son was the same. My youngest being the different kinda guy that he is was a different experience altogether.

The first time I was pregnant with my youngest son, I had a miscarriage about 2 months into the pregnancy. My doctor was very compassionate and explained to me that my body was not ready to carry another child. I should not feel guilty for the loss. I did not want to tell her that I did not feel guilty because I could feel the same spirit waiting for conception. I didn’t say this to the doctor though. I just nodded my head and smiled. I knew this spirit would be conceived again.

Let’s stop and think about this. Risko’s soul needed the experience of early termination of life before he could experience this lifetime. I write this for all of the women who have experienced miscarriage and feel guilty or have negative ideas about miscarriage. Take a breath, and look at the experiences, you have served souls on their path. Every soul experiences of physical life and death, the soul is eternal.

Three months after I miscarried, I was pregnant again with the same soul. My pregnancy was good. I was healthy and the unborn soul was healthy. I knew he was a boy. I went to the hospital twice with my youngest because I had false labor. The third time I went I was in labor until about 4 in the morning and then the labor stopped again. I put my hands on my belly, told him we were not going home and he would be born on that day, I was frustrated with contractions and doctors.

Two hours later I was in the delivery room.

Sometimes women think they have conceived and they have not. This happens I think to remind us that we agreed to be mothers in this life time. We have these experiences so we can make decisions about what we want from our lives in these moments. If you are having an experience like this get a pregnancy test. Find out what is going on in your body so you can make plans and decisions for your life. If you are not pregnant, you have been given a sign to focus on what you truly want with your life. If you can feel those souls around you that want to be conceived, have a conversation with them. Let them know what you want to experience before they come into this life. Where those souls are now, there is no structure of time. Continue using birth control. Be responsible with your physical body. This is your experience so choose well what you want in this lifetime for yourself and potential offspring.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Psychic Tip of the Day - Beloveds & Soul Mates

Recently I have been answering a free 1 question readings. More than half of the questions are will I find my Beloved or Soul Mate. I received good advice from a friend of mine about ten years ago – If you see everyone as your Soul Mates you have found them.

This is so true and it takes practice in looking at everyone as your soul mate. This helps you acknowledge the specialness of yourself and the people you know. You start to see everyone in their Highest Light. When you can do this you can also see yourself in your Highest Light. This is a good thing and it takes lots of unconditional love and courage of the self.

There is no reason why you will not find that special someone or some ones. Some people grow and expand faster than others and this is a choice. Growth means change and change can be scary even if it is good change.
Many times when a relationship ends it is because of growth and expansion of one of the partners. What can you do but move on to a different adventure and honor yourself and the other person.

Many of the beings/people on this Earth want a life mate. This is something they yearn for and nothing will satisfy them. I have worked with beings/people that have this imbedded in their core. This feeling many times comes from past life loves that were not fulfilled either through death or other circumstances. This can block seeing or meeting you life partner in this lifetime. Past life work can be done to help with forgiveness of the self and the other is a huge step to opening yourself to a life partner in this lifetime.

When forgiveness of the self and others happens you become lighter and brighter. It is easier to be opened to new ideas and ways of being! So be light and in joy, that is why you came to this planet!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Psychic Tip of the Day - Haunted People

There is a difference between a disincarnate or hitchhiker and a guide. Sometimes people cannot tell the difference because they are not trained to see and hear them.

Note - Many people specifically people who are alcoholic’s and drug addicts carry hitchhikers and they think their Hitchhikers are guides and allow those hitchhikers or disincarnates to guide them.

This is an example – I picked up a baby disincarnate Michael. I knew immediately that my field had changed and I felt pregnant. Something that is impossible. So I surrounded myself with light and asked the baby what it wanted. It wanted his mother. His mother was alive. I convinced the baby Michael he needed to leave this dimension. I called forth his relatives that had departed and asked them to come and take Michael until his mother passed over. All of this happened and baby Michael was on his way to wait for his mother.

You will be able to tell if you have a hitchhiker or disincarnate if you do not feel grounded or you are dizzy, uncomfortable, have thoughts or feelings that you do not usually have.

A house or space does not have to be ancient to be haunted. Many times people think their houses are haunted because of the company they keep. I just had a reading with a very nice lady that I know. She recently is divorced from a man who has about four hitchhikers and has probably had them for years. During her marriage her health declined because of the negativity of these hitchhikers. So you see not only do these disincarnates affect you but they affect everyone around you. Since my friends husband left her home, her health is better and she is happier!

Getting rid of a hitchhiker or disincarnate –

1.   Ask your guides and angels to help you out. Ask the hitchhiker,  Who are you and what do you want? – Most of the time you will hear or feel like they want to go home.

2.   Focus your sight on one spot, visualize a doorway or tunnel of light. Tell them they can go home. They will leave immediately if they are ready. You may have to comfort them and explain that for their highest good they should move on to their next step in their soul’s journey.

3.   When you see/feel them move on erase or close the visual. Thank your guides and angels for helping.

If you think you cannot do this task, ask for help. There are plenty of Psychic Mediums that can help you.

Remember your guides will uplift you and you feel wondrous and joyful. They will give you good advice. You will want to follow your guides advice.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Psychic Tip of the Day - Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings

I have been doing Intuitive Readings for many years. Recently I have been asked, what is an Intuitive Reading? So I have thought about how clear I could explain it too you – my customers and friends. Here is my answer ~

Every living being on this planet is multi dimensional. This means there is more to the living being than meets the eye. The living being is emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. The Living being is also intuitive and instinctual.

When I do an intuitive reading I focus on the multi dimensional being I am reading for, each being has guides, fairies, angels and other beings of light and dark. Everyone has these being with them to guide guard and protect them.

There is a difference between a disincarnate or hitchhiker and a guide. Sometimes the Living Being cannot tell the difference because they are not trained to see and hear them. When the Living Being has a hitchhiker, during a reading it can be dispatched easily and graciously.

For most readings I hear your guides before I see them. It is all like they come to muster because I can translate to you, the customer, what I am hearing and seeing from them, their message or guidance for you.

This is an intuitive reading. I do not use cards. I channel information for you through your guides for your messages.

I am Clairaudient, that means that I can hear your guides. I am Clairvoyant, that means I can see your guides.

This is the essence of an intuitive reading. When you as a customer have an intuitive reading the best way to phrase your questions is How can I - ? When you phrase your question like this you open yourself to a clear answer. One of the things I always remind my customers is that nothing is written in stone. You life is up to you and the decisions you make during and after your reading. This is a free will planet always remember that when you receive a reading. So gather the information and make your decisions accordingly.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Psychic Tip of the Day - An Equal Exchange of Energy

Equal Exchange of Energy

What is an Equal Exchange of Energy?

Equal exchange of energy is a part of our daily lives. It is a part of our love, friends, business and family relationships.

An Equal Exchange of Energy is a balanced relationship, sales transaction, trade etc. You walk away feeling good about what you just did, whether it was buying a dress, business or career move or having a relationship that blooms.
In my career as an Intuitive Reader and Healer I have found people in the world will argue with me about paying for a reading or healing. Their reason is that God gave me this gift and it should be given freely…hmmm, is that an equal exchange of energy? No.

Paying the Carpenter for his labor or paying for a book is an equal exchange of energy for services. People do this everyday and they are o.k. with it. Why is it so hard for some people to pay for the services of their Intuitive Reader/ Councilor?

During creation the Divine One gave us all the gift of intuition and insight. Every being is different and chooses how deep they want to go with the gift.

Those of us who have chosen to take our gifts to higher levels have also studied and learned how to apply what we have learned just as a doctor, lawyer, carpenter or clerk. This is our career, just like you have a career and get paid for it. So when you are thinking of getting a reading, remember you do have to pay for it by currency or trade. An equal exchange of Energy.

An equal exchange of energy is not just for careers it is for every aspect of your life. There are many Intuitive people making a living as Readers and their families do not support them, the family is critical and fearful of what people think.

This kind of person criticizes others to help them feel good. What a horrible way of being! These people are called energy vampires. Not fun, if you live with someone who doesn’t support you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and you don’t like it, why are you still there? 

If you feel as though you are giving more and more and there is not a return in your relationships, it is time to take a look at them and ask your self do you feel tired or ill when you are around these friends and family of yours. If you do it is time to take some space and decide if these relationships are for your highest good. Are they? If not if is time to put your energy in a place where there is an equal exchange.

In my travels I have met many people, I have made some awesome friends that I still have wonderful growing relationships. My girlfriends are unconditional and wonderful. I have also had to leave many friends and family behind as I grew and changed. Sometimes it was heart breaking but most of the time it was a relief to be away from those kind of people.

When there is an equal exchange of energy you flourish on all levels. You will find that your heart is lighter and you feel bright and beautiful just being the wondrous person that you are. I say be courageous and start making the moves to make your life joyous no matter how long it takes or how far you go. You are here on this planet, this heaven on earth to learn, feel, think and experience this life in joy! What are you waiting for?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Psychic Tip of the Day - Being Present

Be present with me!

I deserve your full attention and you deserve mine. Focus and stay in your body while you read this book. This is how you are going to absorb and be able to utilize what you are reading and learning. Here is a simple exercise you can do in order to get in your body.

Take a deep breath. Breathe in your favorite color and start to fill yourself with the color. Start with your toes. Keep filling your physical body with the color until you are full. When you can see the color coming out the ends of your hair and the pores of your skin, you’re present and in your body. Think about how this feels. Are you warmer? Are you happier? Are you calmer? Do you feel better? It always feels good to be fully present, and it is a practice for many people.

If you are a person who finds it easier to be in daydream-land instead of being present in your daily activities, the question to ask yourself is,

“Why don’t I like being in this body on this beautiful earth?”

The answer to this question may be difficult to discover. Start the discovery process by writing it all down; be Truthful. Make two columns, one for the ideas you like about being in your life and the other column all the ides you dislike being in your life. This may take some time so be patient with yourself, keep adding and or subtracting from your lists.

As you review your lists on the dislike column ask yourself; how can I balance this idea I am not comfortable with? It could be as easy as finding a new job, place to live, new partner or even just being present with a loved one. Think about each item on your list and as you are more present with the item you will see resolutions come to life.

When you update your lists take the old list and burn it. This is a good way of releasing old thought patterns. You can watch those old thought patterns be consumed by the flames of your fire and as you watch say to yourself –

I release these thought patterns no longer serving me.

During this process remember to be grateful for this healing or release. You could even write all the things in your life you are grateful for. Put this list where you can see it when you wake up in the morning. Remember to add to your list when a new gratitude comes up. Start your list with – I am so very grateful for - It is always a good idea to realize what you are grateful for. This feeling raises your resonance and helps you feel comfortable and happy. You deserve to be happy and comfortable in your life. It is up to you alone to decide you deserve to be happy and content.

Everyday while I am drinking my morning coffee I say my gratitudes –

I am so very grateful I am healthy, happy, whole, guided, guarded, protected and connected to my Divine Source!

It is very important to be present with yourself and your children. If you are not present you might miss something important going on in your family’s life. Listen to what your kids are talking about. It is important to spend time everyday talking and listening to your children, being fully present with them during this time. Are they saying they have a new friend who is blue or is it someone they knew a long time ago? Does their friend need a seatbelt or a seat at your dinner table? Ask them about their friends and make friends with their friends, especially if this friend is unseen.

Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls

Psychic Tip of the Day - Disincarnate's, Spirit's & Ghosts

Disincarnates or Ghosts are beings who have died but have not left this Earth plane.

Disincarnates love our children’s Light, a child’s light is bright and full of energy; the Disincarnate is attracted to light. If a disincarnate has attached itself to your child, his or her behavior can be so out of whack with what is considered normal it can lead him or her to taking some sort of drug to control the behavior or numb his or her outlook if you are not paying attention.

Are you present?

Are you paying attention?

If you are present and aware you will realize your child is not being his or her normal self, look at your child or the person you are working with; you may feel or see a presence near them. If you do ask firmly, who are you and what do you want? You will feel or see activity around the person.

Disincarnates will find a way to let you know. If you are Clairvoyant, you might see a disturbance in the child’s Energy Field. If you’re Clairaudient, you will hear the Disincarnate or Ghost. If you are Clairsentient, you will definitely feel the disturbance. With practice you will be able to identify a Disincarnate in a couple of seconds and be able to dispatch it in five minutes. I call myself a travel agent; I have done it so much to move these spirits along their respective journeys.

I lived in Virginia for 18 months, and I learned how to identify and dispatch Disincarnates quickly. I kept my kids away from known haunted areas. I would not take them with me if I was going somewhere I had never been. I do not take them to graveyards, mortuaries, hospitals, old folk homes, or houses older than 50 years. If I am not certain about a place I am visiting, I just don’t bring the children with me.

Many time kids think a Disincarnate is a real person, they will think it is a friend. So they will just flow with the alliance even if it causes them discomfort or annoyance.

My daughter Christa has a son named Daniel, and he is Clairvoyant and Clairaudient. He keeps both Christa and me on our toes. I did clearing sessions with Danny to call his spirit forth and balance his karma. This created a better relationship between him and his mother, and sent the Disincarnates or Ghosts home.

Daniel used to play with ‘bad guys’ when he was about four years old. These ‘bad guys’ were disincarnates who died as teenagers and decided to stay on this Earth plane. I sent them home. Daniel knew how to call them in instinctively, intuitively. I saw him doing it one day and I told him if he called in the ‘bad guys’ to play with, he would be in time out for the rest of his fourth year. I sent them home with the help of Christa.

I instructed him to say to those ‘bad guys’, “I am a child of God, be gone!” He does this now whenever and he does it well. When you say ‘I am a child of God/Goddess be gone,” it is like a blessing and a warning to a disincarnate. They see they are absolutely not wanted and need to go elsewhere. This is something a person should say when they do not know or do not want to deal with any disincarnates. You must be firm while saying this phrase.

Isn’t it great how perceptive our children are?

Now, if I had not been paying attention to Daniel, many things could have happened not for his highest good. The teachers at school were getting worn out with him being mean and creating havoc in the classroom. They recommended we send him to a child psychologist. He went to a psychologist for a while and it did help him. But it was our work getting rid of the bad guys which really helped him; he does not have to take medication, and he no longer acts out in class. We have learned, though, we absolutely need to be present with him.

How do you send a Disincarnate/ Hitchhiker away?

1. Call on the Angels of Mercy, your Guides, and your Angels. Ask your Divine Source to guide, guard, and protect you and your child.

2. Ask the Disincarnate, “Who are you and what do you want?” Be firm in your question. You don’t have to be mean, just firm.

3. You will get an answer Most of the time their answer is, “I want to go Home.” Sometimes you might have to be patient and keep trying to talk to them, especially for those who do not believe they are passed over.

4. Now this is the part when you need to really focus and be very present. You need to build a tunnel or a vortex with a bright light at the end of it in your mind. When you have the visual you will see silhouettes at the end of the tunnel. The silhouettes are the family and friends waiting for your Ghost.

5. If the Disincarnate doesn’t leave immediately, you will have to let it know there are people waiting for him or her at the end of your tunnel. Compassion will comfort it and it will leave easier. Encourage it to go to the Light, to its loved ones. Tell it everything is going to be good when it gets there. I tell child disincarnates there is candy and ice cream there--and no dentists. They love those ideas and move on right away.

6. Compassion is important with these releases.

7. You will know when the Hitchhiker is gone. You will feel the relief and release if you do not see it leave.

8. Tell all the guides and angels thank you for their assistance and then close the tunnel you created in your mind.

Here is a fun way to protect children and loved ones against Disincarnates.

1. Have your children visualize an egg around their bodies.

2. Let your children know their body-eggs can be any color they want, sparkly or metallic, but they have to be dense. The Density of the egg shape helps keep the disincarnate from attaching or getting close to the person.

3. Help them with these images by visualizing what they are describing to you. Reinforce their visualizations with the Intention the egg protects them for their highest and greatest good.

4. Let the children know they can change the color of their body-eggs any time they want to. The eggs can be many colors as long as they remain dense.

5. You can do this protective work with your house, car, mother, boyfriend, husband, wife, sister-in-law—anyone who might be susceptible to attracting hitchhikers.

I am writing these ways of recognizing and clearing disincarnates because I have worked with adults who were carrying disincarnates for years. The people I worked with were commited off and on to hospitals for different mental disabilities and some had tried to commit suicide. I think that some of our mentally disabled people can be helped by releasing disincarnates.

One of my clients in Virginia had been committed to the hospital many times. The first time I saw her she had been released that very day under her mother’s care. She had not had a shower in a while and she looked like she had not slept in a year. I immediately saw the disincarnates and acknowledged them. It took this woman three months to release five disincarnates. One of the disincarnates was holding the rest of them, she was the bully. My client had been carrying them for years. Once she had her release, her life was so much better. After six months she was managing a small motel and living on her own. Something she was not able to do previously.

For clearings like this make sure you have your client put salt in their bedroom, in small glass containers. The salt will absorb sorrow. When the clearings are done make sure the salt is buried. No candles. If you practice stone work, and of the pink stones and selenite is helpful.

I write this for your consideration in doing your clearing work, remember to look at the entire being when doing your work.

Remember to be present and compassionate in all the energy work you do. This way you will always complete what you have started in the best way!

Psychic Tip of the Day - Clearing Haunted Spaces

Clearing Haunted Spaces

About 12 years ago I met a wonderful woman in Virginia. Her name is Cindy Conner and she is one of my teachers. She is wondrous. She loves unconditionally and has incredible patience. If you are ever near Bedford Virginia you should look her up.

Cindy taught me how to be a travel agent or a person who releases spirits to their next level. Now on this planet we have lots of different kinds of spirits. We have spirits or ghosts, we have E.T.’s and we have aliens.

Now I have experience with all of the above. I have met some wondrous spirits who have helped me and I have met some real mean ones.

In clearing these spaces I always use salt instead of sage. Many Spirits do not like sage. They don’t like smoke for some reason. Salt absorbs sorrow. Many spirits are sorrowful because they feel stuck. So if I am going into a pretty dense place before I even start to clear the space I put salt down. If it is a house I put a circle around the house and salt on the door steps and inside the house. Candles or essential oils are as good scented with roses. This helps soften the space and raise the resonance. Remember, compassion is key with any kind of clearing.

I always invite and invoke the Arch Angels & the Archeia to come into the house and help with the raising of the resonance of the space.

“I invite and invoke Arch Angel Michael & Archeia Faith, Arch Angel Gabriel & Archeia Hope, Arch Angel Uriel & Archeia Grace to stand in this space to help raise the resonance and to help release the spirits within this space. I invite and invoke the angels of Mercy and Compassion Lee Ching & Quan Yin to help with the release of the spirits in this place. I invite and invoke Lady Nada & the Pink Lightening angels to guide and guard the spirits in this space. I ask this for the highest and greatest good for all, so be it so, it is done.

After the prayer, if the space is very dense I wait for three days. Then I go back to see if the spirits are ready to leave, most of the time they are, I create a vortex that looks like a tunnel with a light at the end. I tell the spirits here is your way and there are others waiting for you. I encourage and send them a lot of light. They need encouragement, compassion and a lot of light. Remember there is no bad or good everything just is. When everyone has left I close the vortex and put down more salt. If it is a house I light candles with rose scent.

Now even though I have done some of my work alone I always encourage people to do this work with at least three. I say this so you always have support. The more light the better, always.

When you are working on graveyards, battle grounds, jails real icky places you will have to go back and do the release work as those places are very dense and there are bullies. A bully is a spirit holds others back. You will have to work with them individually for the release of others. You have to convince them they are better off moving on than staying stagnant. Remember do this compassionately. If you go in thinking you are going to be the bully you might find yourself in the middle of a mess.

These types of places need at least three- twelve people.

I am going to give some examples here so you will have something to relate to in your journey. Every time a space is cleared and spirits ascend, the place rises in resonance. When the place rises in resonance so does everything around it. So now you have helped with the ascension of the spirits you have released and the ascension of our Mother – Earth.

I lived in a trailer in Taos for a while. A child had died in the trailer from a fire before I moved in. The disincarnate did all kinds of stuff to get attention. I put salt down (I like Kosher salt) to calm him. Then I lit some rose scented candles while saying my Invocation prayer. Then I opened communication with him. He said he died of inhaling smoke. He was angry the landlord did not fix the heater. I assured him I would let the landlord know and I created a vortex for him, he left. When he left, my sons and my friends felt the difference in the resonance of the trailer immediately. I did let the land lord know about the little boy.

Another place we cleared in Taos was a large graveyard. The grave yard actually was not hard. It took three of us to clear this grave yard. In this graveyard there were E.T.’s and spirits of humans and animals. This is one of my favorite clearings as we did all the prep work. There was a guardian of this graveyard. I communicated with him three days prior to clearing. I let him know we were coming to release the other spirits in the yard. He was very cooperative. I surrounded the yard with salt and recited my invocation. When we arrived, the spirits were ready to go. I opened the great vortex for human spirits and animals. Then I opened another vortex for the E.T.’s. We have to remember Aliens & E.T.’s do not come from this planet. Many times their ships crash or they are left here. They perish and they also want to go home. They always go to a different place; at least this is what they tell me. The clearing of this yard took three hours and we only had to work on it once.

Auriel Grace
A Gang of Girls

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