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Psychic Tip of the Day - Soul Contracts and Our Offspring

In Every life time we choose before we come into life the lessons and experiences we want. In this blog I am going to focus on pregnancy, miscarriage and our children. I am going to start with a personal story.

My youngest son, is 15 years old. He is a handsome, healthy and smart guy. He was born 2/26/94.

I knew in my twenties that I was going to give birth to three children. I felt them around me just waiting to be conceived.

During my previous pregnancies I knew my daughter. I knew her name. She told me her name while I carried her. My son oldest son was the same. My youngest being the different kinda guy that he is was a different experience altogether.

The first time I was pregnant with my youngest son, I had a miscarriage about 2 months into the pregnancy. My doctor was very compassionate and explained to me that my body was not ready to carry another child. I should not feel guilty for the loss. I did not want to tell her that I did not feel guilty because I could feel the same spir…

Psychic Tip of the Day - Beloveds & Soul Mates

Recently I have been answering a free 1 question readings. More than half of the questions are will I find my Beloved or Soul Mate. I received good advice from a friend of mine about ten years ago – If you see everyone as your Soul Mates you have found them.

This is so true and it takes practice in looking at everyone as your soul mate. This helps you acknowledge the specialness of yourself and the people you know. You start to see everyone in their Highest Light. When you can do this you can also see yourself in your Highest Light. This is a good thing and it takes lots of unconditional love and courage of the self.

There is no reason why you will not find that special someone or some ones. Some people grow and expand faster than others and this is a choice. Growth means change and change can be scary even if it is good change. Many times when a relationship ends it is because of growth and expansion of one of the partners. What can you do but move on to a different adventure and honor…

Psychic Tip of the Day - Haunted People

There is a difference between a disincarnate or hitchhiker and a guide. Sometimes people cannot tell the difference because they are not trained to see and hear them.

Note - Many people specifically people who are alcoholic’s and drug addicts carry hitchhikers and they think their Hitchhikers are guides and allow those hitchhikers or disincarnates to guide them.

This is an example – I picked up a baby disincarnate Michael. I knew immediately that my field had changed and I felt pregnant. Something that is impossible. So I surrounded myself with light and asked the baby what it wanted. It wanted his mother. His mother was alive. I convinced the baby Michael he needed to leave this dimension. I called forth his relatives that had departed and asked them to come and take Michael until his mother passed over. All of this happened and baby Michael was on his way to wait for his mother.

You will be able to tell if you have a hitchhiker or disincarnate if you do not feel grounded or you are di…

Psychic Tip of the Day - Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings

I have been doing Intuitive Readings for many years. Recently I have been asked, what is an Intuitive Reading? So I have thought about how clear I could explain it too you – my customers and friends. Here is my answer ~

Every living being on this planet is multi dimensional. This means there is more to the living being than meets the eye. The living being is emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. The Living being is also intuitive and instinctual.

When I do an intuitive reading I focus on the multi dimensional being I am reading for, each being has guides, fairies, angels and other beings of light and dark. Everyone has these being with them to guide guard and protect them.

There is a difference between a disincarnate or hitchhiker and a guide. Sometimes the Living Being cannot tell the difference because they are not trained to see and hear them. When the Living Being has a hitchhiker, during a reading it can be dispatched easily and graciously.

For most readings …

Psychic Tip of the Day - An Equal Exchange of Energy

Equal Exchange of Energy

What is an Equal Exchange of Energy?

Equal exchange of energy is a part of our daily lives. It is a part of our love, friends, business and family relationships.

An Equal Exchange of Energy is a balanced relationship, sales transaction, trade etc. You walk away feeling good about what you just did, whether it was buying a dress, business or career move or having a relationship that blooms. In my career as an Intuitive Reader and Healer I have found people in the world will argue with me about paying for a reading or healing. Their reason is that God gave me this gift and it should be given freely…hmmm, is that an equal exchange of energy? No.

Paying the Carpenter for his labor or paying for a book is an equal exchange of energy for services. People do this everyday and they are o.k. with it. Why is it so hard for some people to pay for the services of their Intuitive Reader/ Councilor?

During creation the Divine One gave us all the gift of intuition and insight. E…

Psychic Tip of the Day - Being Present

Be present with me!

I deserve your full attention and you deserve mine. Focus and stay in your body while you read this book. This is how you are going to absorb and be able to utilize what you are reading and learning. Here is a simple exercise you can do in order to get in your body.

Take a deep breath. Breathe in your favorite color and start to fill yourself with the color. Start with your toes. Keep filling your physical body with the color until you are full. When you can see the color coming out the ends of your hair and the pores of your skin, you’re present and in your body. Think about how this feels. Are you warmer? Are you happier? Are you calmer? Do you feel better? It always feels good to be fully present, and it is a practice for many people.

If you are a person who finds it easier to be in daydream-land instead of being present in your daily activities, the question to ask yourself is,

“Why don’t I like being in this body on this beautiful earth?”

The answer to this questi…

Psychic Tip of the Day - Disincarnate's, Spirit's & Ghosts

Disincarnates or Ghosts are beings who have died but have not left this Earth plane.
Disincarnates love our children’s Light, a child’s light is bright and full of energy; the Disincarnate is attracted to light. If a disincarnate has attached itself to your child, his or her behavior can be so out of whack with what is considered normal it can lead him or her to taking some sort of drug to control the behavior or numb his or her outlook if you are not paying attention.
Are you present?
Are you paying attention?
If you are present and aware you will realize your child is not being his or her normal self, look at your child or the person you are working with; you may feel or see a presence near them. If you do ask firmly, who are you and what do you want? You will feel or see activity around the person.
Disincarnates will find a way to let you know. If you are Clairvoyant, you might see a disturbance in the child’s Energy Field. If you’re Clairaudient, you will hear the Disincarnate or Gh…

Psychic Tip of the Day - Clearing Haunted Spaces

Clearing Haunted Spaces

About 12 years ago I met a wonderful woman in Virginia. Her name is Cindy Conner and she is one of my teachers. She is wondrous. She loves unconditionally and has incredible patience. If you are ever near Bedford Virginia you should look her up.

Cindy taught me how to be a travel agent or a person who releases spirits to their next level. Now on this planet we have lots of different kinds of spirits. We have spirits or ghosts, we have E.T.’s and we have aliens.

Now I have experience with all of the above. I have met some wondrous spirits who have helped me and I have met some real mean ones.

In clearing these spaces I always use salt instead of sage. Many Spirits do not like sage. They don’t like smoke for some reason. Salt absorbs sorrow. Many spirits are sorrowful because they feel stuck. So if I am going into a pretty dense place before I even start to clear the space I put salt down. If it is a house I put a circle around the house and salt on the door steps an…