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Astrology for the United States

To Get us ready for July 4th our nations birthday I asked Kendra to help us understand our nations birthdate and give us some insight on what we have to look forward to. You can check out Kendra on Facebook & Instagram, social media links are below.  This is a great show and will help you understand what the energy was like in the past and present in the Unites States  Let me know what you think of this show! Kendra Lockhart -  Kendra Lockhart is a metaphysical facilitator and educator. She has been guiding people for 25 years through intuition, divination, and shadow integration around the world. With both practical and playful education styles, Kendra has helped hundreds of students and clients close the gap from self to soul, and optimize the way we are designed at the highest level. Kendra lives in Chicago, and loves passing along the wisdom and wonder from her life's work to the collective. When not working, she can be found making wedding bands, on the dance floor, th

Sacred Sites - Hiroshima & 9/11 Memorial

What both of these sites offer you -  Coming to terms with the unbearable Help with mourning and moving on from loss Honors those who have passes on  The power of friendship and courage Forgiveness and Peace Reexamination of larger priorities  August 6, 1945 Hiroshima (78 Years ago)   Were you alive when this happened? Do you remember? How did it affect you?  Like most strategic bombing during World War II, the aim of the air offensive against Japan was to destroy the enemy's war industries, kill or disable civilian employees of these industries, and undermine civilian morale. 0245 - the B-29 Superfortress Enola Gay lift off the Tinian with the uranium bomb ‘Little Boy’ aboard. The Enola Gay is accompanied by The Great Artiste & Necessary Evil 0320 Little Boy is armed 0730 Enola Gay Captain Paul Tibbets announces to the crew - We are carrying the world’s first atomic bomb. 0809 Air raid sirens begin in Hiroshima 0912 Enola Gay bombardier Thomas Ferebee takes control of the airc

Predictions & Energy Waves

Sylvia Browne was a psychic, psychic medium and paranormal explorer. She did a lot of work to help people with their lives.  Sylvia authored around 40 books on paranormal subjects.  I am choosing to use Sylvia Brown as an example, my opinion is she was great! I admire the work she did and the people she helped. She worked in the health field as a medical intuitive. Working with doctors to help people get the medical attention they needed.  I read the Book of Thomas and the Gnostic bible because of her. It really helped me understand the Christian religion.  She helped with doing house blessings and clearing houses. Letting people know what was going on in their haunted houses. She enjoyed doing this.  Yes she made money with her business. It after all was her business and employed quite a few people along the way.  We hear a lot about her predictions she got wrong. Why would they be wrong when 80 percent of what she predicted was correct. I did leave a video in the discussion t

Sacred Site - Lake Louis, Banff Canada

Lake Louis, Banff Canada The Diamond in the Wilderness  Corresponding Crystal Canadian Amethyst  This site offers  Spiritual peace and sanitary for your soul Divine protection and teaching from your archangel of choice A sense of sacred guardianship in your everyday life A Source to call upon for assistance in time of need Lake Louis straddles the United States and Canadian border within the Rocky Mountains. It is part of Banff National forest since November 25, 1885, as Banff Hot Springs Reserve. The conservationist prevailed when Prime Minister John A. Macdonald set aside the hot springs as a small protected reserve, which was later expanded to include Lake Louis extending north to the Columbia Icefield. Lake Louis is the etheric retreat of Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith. Lake Louise sits in a basin with an amethyst core. Amethyst is a great stone for working with attuning to the Archangels and their Archeia.  The Rocky Mountains contain a vast amount of crystals a