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Ascension & Moderation

Ascension is about your life experiences. This is why I am always pushing you to have wondrous experiences, clear out your fears and doubts. Claim your courage, create the experiences you dream about.  Take a chance or many chances!  I am including moderation in this because there are hardcore ascension peeps that are very judgmental and harsh. Because they are that way they are paranoid and mean.  Instead, give yourself permission to drink the alcoholic beverage. Eat the chocolate or cupcake and love every minute of it.  Just make sure to practice moderation with those permissions, enjoy the experience. If you find you have created habits to retreat from the world, ask yourself, is this what I truly want for myself in this life?  Give yourself permission to be you. Who are you? What do you want? Are there dreams you want to make real, that truly resonate with you? Do it! Be courageous, be you! Remember to keep your heart open and align