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Ascended Masters Tip of the Day - Divine Will

Ascended Master El Morya, Lord Melchizedek Divine Will Today we write to you about Divine Will. What is Divine Will? Divine Will is within you. Divine Will represents the decisions you made before coming into this lifetime and how you intended to follow through with them. What does it feel like when you are following your Divine Will? It is the deep and wondrous feeling of bliss. We will describe bliss – it is the deeper feeling of satisfaction, a job well done. Now we will assist you with aligning your Solar Plexus Chakra  - Divine Will - What are you willing to do, learn and be in this lifetime? Heart  Chakra  - Divine Love - Is your Heart into what you plane to do? Crown Chakra  - Divine Thoughts - Do you have a strategy? Place your hand on your computer screen. Take a deep breath. Breathe in your favorite color and start to fill yourself with the color. Start with your toes. Keep filling your physical body with the color until you are full.  Wh