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Poltergeist & Possession

What is a Poltergeist ?  In most cases of poltergeist activity is associated with adolescents, most of the time girls. It is energy created by the passionate emotions of young people. This energy can create chaos around the person, objects can fly, doors will open and close etc.  When dealing with parents, I suggest redirecting the young person, communication is key in these circumstances. Finding out what the teenager might be interested in and seeing about making that happen. Make sure they are involved with accomplishing the interest. Do not do it all yourself as a parent. It is really important for your teenager to have something to channel their frustrated energy.  What is possession ?  Possession take a while to happen, years. It is not quick as it is a malevolent or bully spirit who is breaking down the targeted person.  This person will go through a subtle transformation at first, you will see actions out of character over time.  Recommending the person get help is something y

Spirit Guides & Animal Virtues

  Spirit Guides –   Everyone has spirit guides and angels assisting us through our lifetimes.  Ancestors & Family Members Past Life Friends Special Guides for Projects  Ascended Masters & Angels There are times in our lives our spirit guides and angels change. I call this the changing of the guard. It is when we reach a maturity milestone and it is time for different guides to come in and assist us.    Automatic Writing Meditation   Animal Spirit Guides Animals you have cared for in this lifetime Other animals that represent different virtues you are working on -    Eagle – Divine Source Hawk – Messenger Crows – Laws & Structure Ravens – Prophecy and Insight Owls – Magic Deer – Gentleness Otters – Play Squirrels – Gatherers Mouse – Scrutiny Snakes – transformation/transendance  Dragonflies – Illusion Butterfly – Change Ants – Natural Pharmacists Lizards – Dreams Elephants – Strength & Power Wolves – Community Lynx – Secret Keeper Lion – Majesty, courage, justice Rabbit


Aquamarine Who doesn't like rocks? I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't like rocks, looking at them, digging for them and maybe even studying about them. I am a self taught rock nut! There is so much to learn about them from their form and structure to their virtues. Aquamarine is the name used for gem-quality specimens of the mineral beryl within a color range of greenish blue to blue. The name is used regardless of a stone's tone or saturation. So, aquamarines can range from a very light, almost imperceptible color to stones with a rich vibrant color.   Mineral – color is created through trace amounts of iron – found in granite Birthstone for Pisces Crystal System – Hexagonal crystal system Moh’s 7.5-8   Color – pale turqoiuse blue, some speciments greener,  faceted stones are often heat treated lower grade beryl   Geography – Pakistan, Brazil   Rarity – small pieces are easily sourced , tumbles stones or as faceted for gemstones   The word aquamarine is derived from tw


  Who doesn't like rocks? I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't like rocks, looking at them, digging for them and maybe even studying about them. I am a self taught rock nut! There is so much to learn about them from their form and structure to their virtues.  In order to keep learning about one of my favorite subjects, and with your supportive questions, I will be writing about birthstones each month. This month, March there are two birthstones, Bloodstone or Heliotrope is up first.  In the picture above you will see an elephant carves from bloodstone and a large oval pendant. There is more information below and a video! Let me know what you think of bloodstone and how it makes you feel when you look at it.  Bloodstone/Heliotrope   The mineral aggregate heliotrope, also known as bloodstone, is a cryptocrystalline mixture of quartz that occurs mostly as jasper or sometimes as chalcedony. The ‘classic’ bloodstone is opaque green jasper with red inclusions of hematite. The red in

Loving Glow

  Unrequited love – what is it? How does it block you from achieving loving relationships? If you are always feeling desperate, anxious, sad, melancholy because the one you love does not love you – this will block you from achieving loving relationships. Why? Because you have tunnel vision. You are not allowing yourself to see other love matches for you.  If you are not obtaining an equal exchange of energy from your partner – why are you there?  Explain equal exchange of energy /martyrdom/ Energy vampires – you do not have to be the martyr in a relationship. Do not give up what you love for another person. Being a martyr, brings bitterness.  Chasing love – So many Peeps are like – will I ever find a person to love me? There are 7,874,965,825 yes, you will find your perfect match. How? By being you, loving you. Give yourself permission to love you. Take time everyday for you, to express love for yourself. Remember you are the ‘one’. Be the ‘one’ so you will attract in the other ‘one