Loving Glow


Unrequited love – what is it? How does it block you from achieving loving relationships? If you are always feeling desperate, anxious, sad, melancholy because the one you love does not love you – this will block you from achieving loving relationships. Why? Because you have tunnel vision. You are not allowing yourself to see other love matches for you. 

If you are not obtaining an equal exchange of energy from your partner – why are you there? 

Explain equal exchange of energy/martyrdom/ Energy vampires – you do not have to be the martyr in a relationship. Do not give up what you love for another person. Being a martyr, brings bitterness. 

Chasing love – So many Peeps are like – will I ever find a person to love me? There are 7,874,965,825 yes, you will find your perfect match. How? By being you, loving you.

Give yourself permission to love you. Take time everyday for you, to express love for yourself. Remember you are the ‘one’. Be the ‘one’ so you will attract in the other ‘one’.

Going vertical – when you are vertical, you will find you are attentive, energetic and present in the moment so you are always aware of what is going on. There is no lack when you are in the moment there is only presence. 

Reminder about taking time to meditate, retraining your brain

Part of loving yourself is having the ability to break old habits and creating new habits to empower yourself and those around you. Most likely you are an example to your family and friends as you empower yourself you show those who are interested to do the same. 

That is a form of love. To love yourself so much that you can see the changes necessary to create a life that you desire.

Combining all these ideas, loving yourself helps you glow or you are in the zone, you start to attract to you how you feel about yourself and your life. When you feel good about you – you glow and that glow attracts others who are glowing too. 

Be present, be love, be you!
Keep your heart open and aligned with the energy of Love


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